GuideWhy Bars & Neon Lights Make A Good Match?

Why Bars & Neon Lights Make A Good Match?

In recent years, neon signs have become more and more popular to advertise and promote businesses, especially bars. Bar neon signs are eye-catching and dynamic, making them ideal for capturing the attention of passersby. However, beyond just being beautiful displays for advertising purposes, there are many benefits for neon signs in bars that can help to enhance the environment and create a unique atmosphere.

One of the most standard uses of neon signs in bars is to deliver lighting. Bar neon lights emit a bright glow that helps to construct an inviting atmosphere and lets bar patrons see their drinks faster. This lighting also makes a delightful visual effect that adds interest and texture to any space. Additionally, bar neon lights can be used on walls or roofs as decorative accents that add color and surface without taking up too much space or meddling with existing decor.

Neon signs can also be utilized inside bars as part of their marketing strategy. For instance, they can be used as part of window displays or brightened menu boards featuring food or drink specials. This gives consumers an easy way to find out what’s available at the bar without requesting a server or bartender directly – plus, it looks fantastic!

Famous Types of Bar Neon Signage

Nothing states “party” when adorning a bar quite like neon signage. Bar neon signs are affordable and eye-catching to attract customers and build a fun atmosphere for your patrons. From classic beer signs to funny sayings and images, there are many types of bar neon signage known for you to choose from.

One of the most famous types of bar neon signage is the classic beer sign. These brilliantly colored signs feature logos and slogans from popular beer labels such as Samuel Adams, Corona, Guinness, Blue Moon, Heineken, Miller, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Coors, Modelo to name a few. They give your establishment an old-fashioned feeling while highlighting some of the drinks you deliver. Beer signs can be used alone or combined with other bar neon signage to make a unique look for your business.

A common type of bar neon sign is one featuring funny sayings or images such as “Keep Calm & Drink Beer” or “Sorry we are Drunk,” which can add some fun and personality to any bar backdrop. They can be combined with other types of lighting, such as aloft lighting or spotlights, to draw attention from passersby beyond your establishment while still providing a welcoming ambiance inside.

Neon signs are an iconic component of the bar and restaurant industry. The colorful, eye-catching colors and designs used in these signs can help attract customers and create a fun atmosphere for your institution. You also can customize a neon sign to decorate your space which makes them ideal for bars and eateries.

Advantages of Neon Signs

The first advantage of using neon signs is their visibility. Neon lights can be noticed from far distances, making them ideal for communicating with buyers who may not be able to hear or see other types of signage. When positioned strategically throughout the bar or eatery, neon signs can point out specials or deals to potential clients passing by outside your location.


Neon lights are also favorably durable, making them perfect for busy bars and cafes that need reliable lighting solutions that won’t wear down over time owing to high-traffic areas or weather situations like humidity or rain. Neon is an energy-efficient option analogized to other types of lighting, helping you keep costs low while providing abundant light when required.

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