AppliancesAre Krups Coffee Makers Worth it?- 5 Top Picks

Are Krups Coffee Makers Worth it?- 5 Top Picks [Reviews]

Coffee makers are the most helpful cooking appliances for homeowners. Making a glass of coffee is hustle free with these devices. A coffee maker is a budget alternative appliance for cafe-quality coffee. There are a variety of Coffee Makers available, but all of them work on a single principle: gravity and pressure. Besides, there are multiple brands available that manufacture these cooking appliances.

The Krups coffee maker is one of the leading brands in this industry. Krups is a German company that manufactures kitchen appliances. They prepare some advanced and quality coffee makers for the users. Convenient design and premium construction make their products a favorite among cooking lovers.

This guide gives you the top 5 best Krups coffee maker lists. Each one has a unique design and quality to prepare a fresh glass of coffee. In fact, the price is budget-friendly compared with features. But first, we discuss why Krups coffee maker is the best in the business.

In a hurry? Here are our top 3 favorite picks when it comes to the best Krups coffee makers for regular use purposes. We have tested many devices and rounded up the ones that offer better quality, even on low budgets.

Is Krups Coffee Maker Good?

Krups is a German manufacturer of kitchen appliances. They are known for the quality and convenience of their products. Besides, they have been one of the oldest brands in this business since 1846. So they have 100 years of experience making some of the best kitchen appliances.

Krups manufactures different types of coffee makers for users. Drip Coffee Makers, Thermal Coffee Makers, and Espresso machines are the most popular. All these are electric coffee machines. However, they also manufacture manual devices for making coffee. Users mostly loved the following qualities in Krups coffee makers.

Simple Design

Most Krups coffee makers come with a simple, classy, and premium look. None of their coffee machines include messy colors and bulky designs. Compact size and sleek design make their product attractive in the kitchen. They offer a wide range of makers with premium designs and quality. You rarely find Krups products that disappoint in design and usage.


Besides design, the quality of Krups coffee makers is exceptional in the industry. Their drip-type coffee makers are best in this category. These are healthier and hygienic machines from the Krups brand. Glass carafes and a paper filter make the device non-toxic for users. Krups also uses high-quality materials and glass construction in their coffee makers.


Krups is known to simplify its product for easy operation. Most Krups coffee makers come with reusable filters. Besides, their product also includes a performance coffee mechanism to make it fast and efficient for users. Multiple features are also added to their product. The most common are temperature controls, speed, brew strength, advanced filtration, etc.


Along with quality, Krups also provide affordable kitchen appliances for users. You can easily find Krups coffee makers between different price ranges. You can find below $30 to above $1000 Krups coffee makers in the market.

In short, Krups manufactures some of the best coffee makers for their customers. Quality, design, and convenience are the top features of their products.

5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews

Before starting the list, note down a few essential points. Below are the top coffee makers from the Krups brand. Each product has a special quality and feature to make a fresh cup of coffee. Besides the price, functions, and mechanism is also different in these products. So, check out the features, pros, and cons before selecting your best coffee maker.

1. RUPS Simply Brew Drip Coffee Maker– Top Pick

Krups Simply Brew Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker 5 Cup 650 Watts Coffee Filter, Drip Free, Dishwasher Safe Pot, Compact Silver and Black
  • Perfect for a small family: 5 cups of brewing...
  • Pause & brew system: Our innovative Pause & Brew...
  • Keep warm function: Automatically activated...
  • Effortless brewing: Equipped with a reusable...
  • Easy to clean: Made with materials that are easy...
  • Deep water tank with large opening for easy filling
  • The visible water tank confirms right water-to-coffee ratio
  • No paper filter required
  • One touch operation
  • Prepare five cups of coffee at once
  • You can keep your coffee warm as long it’s powered
  • A budget-friendly option
  • No function for automatic ON/OFF

Our first best Krups coffee maker includes a drip-type filter. Convenience and affordability are the primary features in these coffee machines. KRUPS Simply Brew Drip Coffee Maker has premium steel, glass, and plastic construction. The sleek design and easy function make the device perfect for anyone.

This is an entry-level coffee maker that promotes delicious hot coffee. The capacity is five cups which is perfect for a small family. The machine’s compact and modern style ensures the product’s premiums. Indeed, the brewing process is much easier for quick pauses and brew buttons. Fill the carafe with water and coffee grounds, then put it for brewing.

A simple On/Off button automates the process and keeps your coffee warm after brewing. A strong stainless steel body offers excellent durability for the product. Most importantly, the package included all required items like a glass coffee pot with a drip-free spout, a spoon, and a coffee filter. Indeed this is a permanent filter to pour your desired coffee grounds and save time. So there is no need for paper filters.

2. KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker– Premium Pick

  • Preape 12 cups of coffee at a time
  • LED screen to monitor temperature and time
  • Stainless steel body and pot provide durability
  • Mid-pause brewing is available
  • Multiple functions to enjoy
  • Auto cleaning setting
  • Single button press operation
  • May face difficulty in refilling water to the reservoir

Want to go a little premium? Check out KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker. Here you can prepare 12 cups of coffee at once. Indeed, this thermal carafe coffee maker is known for its freshness and heat-staying capabilities. The manufacturer promises your coffee keeps the heat for up to 4 hours.

The design is sleek, modern, and luxurious for your kitchen. Strong PVC and stainless steel construction ensure durability for more than four years. The device can be programmed to auto-start in the morning or at your selected time. Adjustable brew strength provides convenience for users. Your coffee can achieve maximum flavor with little quantity. A single start button quickly activates the maker for regular or bold brews.

The machine includes a thermal carafe with a large opening. The brew pause function allows you to stop the process anytime. Most importantly, there is an auto-cleaning function to ensure durability. In-built water filtration ensures the water and coffee ratio. Brushed stainless steel and gold filters eliminate paper filters requirement.

3. KRUPS Single Serve Coffee Maker– Value For Money

Krups Simply Brew Stainless Steel Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker amd Travel Tumbler 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler Included 650 Watts Coffee Filter, Compact Silver and Black
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or...
  • Simple, no-fuss coffee maker brews your morning...
  • Brews single serve coffee up to 12 fl oz of drip...
  • Includes a 12 fl oz double-walled, stainless-steel...
  • Permanent filter allows you to pour your desired...
  • Compact design takes up minimal counter space and...
  • Prepare up to 12 fl oz coffee
  • Large tumbler with enough room for cream and milk
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Single press the button to start brewing
  • Strong PVC construction
  • Quick and easy refilling
  • No pods or paper filters required
  • Users face louder operations

This is another budget-friendly coffee maker from the Krups. Indeed, this is an electric drip coffee machine with a capacity of 400 Milliliters. With a single button, this no-fuss coffee maker will start morning brewing.

The pot included a 12 fl oz capacity that left enough room to add milk or cream. In fact the jar or tumbler is double-walled with stainless steel. Users can easily carry the item while traveling. This coffee maker doesn’t need a paper filter or pod due to a permanent filter. The compact and elegant design makes the coffee machine easy to use and carry.

Large upper openings and water compartments provide easy refilling. Users can brew their coffee grounds directly into the large tumbler. This pot is helpful during your busy office days. Users can expect enough quantity and warmth of coffee all day.

4. KRUPS XP3208 Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 1.5-Liter, Black
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or...
  • 15 BAR PUMP ESPRESSO for improved flavor...
  • MANUAL SELECTION for ultimate control over the...
  • STEAM NOZZLE for sumptuous and creamy cappuccinos
  • REMOVABLE 1.5 Liter Water tank for easy filling
  • CUP WARMER on top to add a professional touch to...
  • Large 1.5L removable water tank
  • Manual setting allows to prepare the desire drink
  • Two-cup filter holders
  • 15 bar pump pressure ensures authentic flavor extraction
  • Excellent machine for espresso lovers
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong aluminum body provide durability
  • No auto shut-off function

Love to drink a refreshing cappuccino in the morning? Check out this Krups espresso machine. Here you can expect excellent, refreshing coffee from a cost-effective machine. Firstly you can customize your drink according to your choice. Thanks to their 15-bar pump pressure system.

This function produces authentic flavors and bitterness extraction of coffee beans. Users who like to drink black coffee or cappuccino in the morning should for this one. The device also includes two cup filter holders to prepare different tastes of drinks at a time. Most importantly, the coffee maker added a large 1.5L and removable water tank.

So there is no compromise in refilling and convenience. Indeed, this is a manually adjustable indoor coffee machine. Users can pressure and content ratio on their own.

5. KRUPS EC311050 Savoy Coffee Maker

KRUPS Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine, LED Control Panel, 12 Cups, Black
  • 12-cup programmable coffee maker with easy-to-read...
  • Programmable digital clock for autostart in the...
  • Coffee in carafe temperature at an optimal 180F
  • Pause and serve feature allows removal of the...
  • Large front facing water level for clear...
  • Prepare up to 12 cups of coffee at a time
  • Transparent front facing to check the water level
  • Single press operation
  • Set the hour or minute to automate the brewing
  • The modern, compact and sleek design confirms premiumness
  • Programmable digital clock
  • Large upper door for easy refilling
  • 1.9 Quarts of capacity
  • Expensive

Our final best Krups coffee maker includes the most advanced features in this list. The machine has a capacity of 1.9 Quarts. This is an auto-programmable coffee machine for users. Strong PVC material, dark black color, and sleek design showcase the coffee maker’s luxury. Users can prepare 12 cups of coffee with a single button. An Easy to monitor LCD screen provides additional convenience.

This machine also includes a digital clock to autostart the device whenever possible. Package included Glass Carafe helps keep your drinks’ rich aromatic flavor. Thanks to its thermal capability, it sets an optimal temperature of 180°F. With a single button, you can automate the brewing for hot, flavorful, and robust coffee every time. Besides, the filter is removable, which makes cleaning a breeze. A transparent front facing helps to monitor the water level for the drink.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Machine

So above are the top 5 Krups coffee makers in the market. You can choose any product according to your preference. Now the question is, what should you note before selecting the best coffee maker? It is vital to pick the best one as per need. That’s why we give you a few notable points about coffee makers.

Coffee Maker Types

There are several types of coffee makers available in the market. Drip Coffee Makers, Thermal Coffee makers, and Espresso are the most common. Each special quality and function to prepare a fresh cup of coffee. A drip coffee machine provides convenience and is best for small families. Thermal Coffee Makers are known for refreshment, hygiene, and excellent thermal capabilities. This type of machine also eliminates the burnt taste of your coffee. Espresso makers are also famous for quick processes and accessible functions. In fact these are much stronger than drip coffee machines. So each has a special quality for making a fresh cup of coffee. Choose your best one as per need.

Brewing Process and Size

Any device should be by according to usage and need. Similarly, ask yourself how often you drink and how many people are waiting for your coffee. Modern coffee makers take five minutes to prepare a cup of coffee. However, the time can increase based on the quantity and complexity of the machine. For example, an Espresso machine takes 20-30 seconds to prepare one or two cups of coffee. However, the quantity should be 1oz.

On the other hand, drip machines take a minimum of one minute to prepare a 6oz cup of coffee. Espresso machines are mostly used in coffee shops. Individuals love Drip makers to make personalized cups of coffee.


Modern coffee machines include several functions for easy use. The most common are digital analog, timers, reusable filters, and others. Depending on the customizations, the complexity of the coffee maker will increase. Drip and thermal coffee makers are best for simplifying the brewing process. If you want a personalized experience, an automated coffee machine will be best for you.

Style and Design

A User-friendly interface and premium look are vital in coffee makers. The compact, sleek and elegant design enhances the visual of the product. Body construction is also essential to make the product durable. Try to buy coffee makers that have metallic solid or stainless steel bodies. However, the majority of Krups coffee makers have the following qualities.


Price is the final important point before selecting any product. Most Krups coffee makers cost between $35 to $2500. Depending on the complexity and brewing of the machine, the price will change. Try To find your desires and select the machines according to your budget and features.

FAQs Related to Krups Coffee Maker

Below are the most asked questions related to the topic. Dropdown to get the quick answers on those questions.

How long should a Krups coffee maker last?

Reviewer says most Krups coffee makers can easily last up to five years. However, it all depends on your usage and maintenance. Many Krups coffee machines include a robust stainless steel body and auto-cleaning features. This system increases the durability of the product.

Do Krups coffee makers need filters?

Depending on the Krups coffee maker types, you may need #4 paper coffee filters. However, Our above recommendations don’t need paper filters due to the permanent setting. You may need an extra option if you buy a Krups coffee maker with a reusable filter.

Who makes Krups coffee makers?

This german brand is part of the Groupe SEB. So the manufacturer of kitchen appliances is operated by that group.


Krups is a leading brand for manufacturing premium but affordable kitchen appliances. Reminder, our first best Krups coffee maker is Simply Brew Drip. It has a deep water tank and a quick brewing facility. Our second place goes to the KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker due to its premium look and robust body construction. If you are a passionate coffee lover, you should definitely try coffee makers from the Krups brand. So that all for today we hope this guide will help you. Now go and buy your favorite Krups, coffee maker.

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