AppliancesHow to Choose Eco-friendly Appliances for Your Home

How to Choose Eco-friendly Appliances for Your Home

Everyone is now trying to do their bit to help the environment in whichever way possible. Amongst many things, the most trending is turning their homes into eco-friendly zones where they use environmentally friendly appliances.

These appliances are made to use less energy, thus reducing carbon emissions in the environment. In addition, using eco-friendly devices at home improves sustainability and reduces costs. Moreover, such devices use natural ingredients in high amounts and rely less on chemicals; thus, they do not harm the environment as other appliances and machines.

However, there are certain things that you must consider before buying economy and environmentally-friendly appliances, such as star rating, usage, longevity, and more. Here, in this article, we mention quick pointers to choosing the suitable machine for your home. Let’s dig in!

Consider Smart Appliances

According to the Department of Electronics, smart devices at home are more energy-efficient than types not controlled by smart meters and systems. You can reduce electricity consumption by switching to smart appliances such as wifi window air conditioner, dishwashers, thermostats, sensor dustbins, etc.

It is because these can be controlled via remote access. Moreover, these devices are powered by intelligent systems; thus, they gauge the usage and operate accordingly.

For instance, you can control your AC unit via your phone and set the temperature right before entering the home. As the room achieves the temperature, the AC will automatically turn off. Similarly, other appliances also play their part in reducing energy consumption and increasing output.

Look for the Correct Size

One of the main reasons appliances use excessive energy or do not give the correct output is because of the wrong size. It gets difficult for the machines to be productive and save on costs if they are not the correct size.

Whether it is a refrigerator, AC, or HVAC, you must check the size requirements before purchasing it. You can discuss the needs with the salesperson and understand the working of the appliances based on their size.

For instance, buying a larger refrigerator will not save you any money if you require a small refrigerator. It is because a full fridge will be more efficient than a half-filled refrigerator. You may find the same star rating on both sizes. However, the electricity usage will be more for the larger one. Therefore, it is best to scrutinize your needs and buy the right sized product for more energy efficiency.

Check for Star-labels

Energy star labels are markers that help consumers identify the right products for their homes. It is available on electrical appliances, windows, heaters, and more. It applies to all the instruments; thus, marked right in front to make it easily visible to consumers.

The label rating differs from country to country. Some states have a star-label program, while others use alphabets as a rating system. The ratings are based on the energy consumption of devices as compared to similar appliances. For example, the following image is of austalian star label.

Choose Eco-friendly Appliances for Your Home

Simply, you should check the rating definition and decide whether the appliance is right for you. More efficient devices can be expensive; however, long-term savings are worth spending once.

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Bottom line

Until you buy the new devices, you can do your part by saving energy on your current devices by not keeping them on stand-by mode. After you install the latest products at home, there are still ample ways to utilize them well and save on your energy bills while also not harming the environment.


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