CleaningThe Importance Of Rapid Response In Chemical Spill Clean-Up

The Importance Of Rapid Response In Chemical Spill Clean-Up

When there is a chemical spill in the workplace, timing is integral to preventing environmental damage and harm to other employees. Every employee must uphold safety in the workplace, reducing the likelihood of a disastrous situation in the event of a spill.

ICE Cleaning is a chemical spill clean-up company that provides exceptional and rapid clean-up services. Its expert technicians have years of industry experience and are skilled in cleaning up chemicals, acids, and alkaline.

Read on to learn more about chemical spills and what to do when disaster strikes.

What is a Chemical Spill?

A chemical spill is the uncontrolled release of a dangerous substance which may be a liquid, solid, or gas. Spilling or releasing certain chemicals might create a hazardous environment, especially if toxic vapours are present.

When this occurs in the workplace, there may be different procedures depending on the business and the type of chemical that spilt. However, most staff will understand the importance of timing and how that can mitigate the consequences.

How Risk Assessments Can Prevent Spills?

Any company with employees interacting with hazardous equipment or chemicals must conduct a risk assessment at least once or twice a year. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) clearly states that this is a legal obligation for any workplace as it prevents accidents and potential death.

A chemical spill risk assessment identifies potential hazards in the workplace that could lead to a spill and the level of risk to human life depending on the number of chemicals present. This assessment will likely follow the following format:

  • Making an inventory
  • Identifying chemical hazards
  • Assessing exposure risks
  • Implementing control measures
  • Recording and reviewing

Upon completing a chemical risk assessment, the managers and employers must openly communicate with staff to collect their feedback on the workplace. This ensures a strong relationship between these two parties, helping to prevent a spill.

What to Do When Chemical Spills?

According to the HSE, an on-site emergency plan will help address future situations. This includes the use of staff training, off-site assistance, and protective measures for all employees.

Staff working with hazardous chemicals must participate in training to help contain a chemical spill and what equipment they can use to help remove the substance. This training will teach employees how to:

  • Use absorbent materials efficiently
  • Identify the type of chemical spill
  • Assist with area containment
  • Use a spill kit properly
  • Use industrial neutralising agents

Other staff members might be appointed to assist with less dangerous tasks such as alerting local authorities, evacuation, and taking roll calls to identify missing persons. Part of this process may include contacting the services of a chemical spill cleaning company to assist with containment.

Final Words

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers chemical spill cleaning services. Its qualified cleaners wear PPE and will work closely with you, always adhering to health and safety. They use state-of-the-art technology and solutions to neutralise and clean a spill.

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