PropertyGet Over-the-top villas with sea views in Thailand

Get Over-the-top villas with sea views in Thailand

Imagine an exquisite villa on the verge of the sea, bearing sites of the bluish ocean water and the activities taking place at the beach. Ocean-side properties speak of pristine silence, ocean waves, and peace. These are some of the most craved experiences of the wealthy and those who can afford them. This article will discuss some of the top-rated communities where you can get an over-the-top villa for sale sea view in Thailand.

Why Are Villas Preferred Over Other Properties in Thailand?

Generally, preference for properties depends on the varying needs of the respective purchasers and their intended purposes. However, a survey revealed that villa properties are in higher demand among expatriate purchasers than any other property class. There are many factors leading to this, including but not limited to the following:

The Real Estate Trend?

Firstly, ex-pats who purchase real estate in Thailand often do so for luxury and comfort, and villas offer maximum quantities. Villas are large-sized houses with ample spaces and improved interior facilities. Most villas come ensuite, with a private pool, a private beach area, or both. They could be built as a standalone duplex or a story house, but the interiors often have multiple baths, impressive balconies, and quality life-enhancing products. You will admit that these are desirable features if you can afford them.

However, condominiums are the most common among ex-pat renters due to their petite size, availability in all major areas of the town, ease of maintenance, and the temporariness of their stay.

On this note, it is safe to conclude that villas are preferred over other properties in Thailand due to the unique facilities and the ample spaces that they often possess.

Places to Get Villas With a Seaside View?

Check out the following five city areas where you can purchase villas with seaside views in Thailand.


Considered one of the most expensive beach areas in Thailand, Phuket is a fantastic opportunity to feel the oceanside vibes at the Thai signature beaches. Phuket will cost you at least $150 000 and above to get a villa in the area, but it will be worth it. If you would like the bubbly regions, you should look towards the south side of the beach, and if you need a quiet room, you can move towards the north. Phuket has some of the finest arrays of villas in Thailand. It is worth a peek.


Next up are the central city areas of Bangkok. There may be concerns about safety in the capital areas of Bangkok due to the incidences of insurgency in the past. However, the seaside properties are the least prone areas to any form of attack. That is because they are often isolated and only suitable for recreational purposes. Some famous beach areas where you can get villas include Ko Samet, Ko Lan, areas near Pattaya City, etc.

Chiang Mai

You are welcome to one of the most popular locations in Thailand, Chiang Mai city. This city area is known for having impressive real estate, its proximity to the home of the Thai royal Phu Ping Palace, and a village of various hand and art crafts. The local items being crafted in this lovely city makes it an artistic destination for visitors. This area also has a youthful feel, being close to a public university – the Chiang Mai University, a Technical institute and a technology institute, and a handful of other research centers.


If you are looking for fine Villas in Thailand with great ocean views, you have made an incredible stop at Pattaya. This area is more than alive; the bluish sea, the roadside snacking centers, and the fantastic recreational spots beat many other areas in the country. Meanwhile, Pattaya is more affordable than other areas, such as Phuket.

How to House-hunt in Thailand?

House hunting could be such a significant assignment. Many people need help to search for an understandable apartment. Firstly, you will have to select from a list of properties whether or not you use an online process. After that, you may need to inspect the property and check out a couple of items for compatibility with your needs. It could get tiring to sieve through a couple of things, checking many options to settle for one out of 7 or more items. However, you can limit your search time and gain quality information from a few searches on the Thailand-Real.Estate website. You are encouraged to use an official website to save time and make quality real estate decisions.

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