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Pieces of Art that will Bring Atmosphere to Your Home

Like most of us, you probably like your home to be welcoming, a space to relax, and a place where you and your family can feel “at home.” And also, like we all, you are always on the lookout for something to add to the décor in your home to enhance the atmosphere you want to create.

Pieces of well-chosen art are extremely useful for creating a specific atmosphere in your home. And fortunately, the choice of works of art is so wide that you can create a different atmosphere in every room in your house by just decorating it with the correct artwork.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas and tips on using art pieces to create an atmosphere in your home. Of course, the information is only meant as suggestions because you can only decide what type of atmosphere you want in your home.

Why it is good to Have Works of Art in your Home

Apart from creating a specific atmosphere in your home or room, it is always good to have pieces of art in your home. It has been scientifically proven that looking at paintings and other works of art when relaxing can normalize blood pressure levels. Just looking at and enjoying the art pieces in your house can decrease stress levels.

This is also why well-chosen pieces of art can create a relaxed atmosphere in a room. And a relaxed atmosphere will affect you, your family, and your visitors positively.

It has also been scientifically proven that specific artworks can help you form new creative ideas. This is possible because good paintings and other artworks help the brain to “merge” real and imagined parts of your life. In addition, exploring a piece of art from different perspectives helps the brain to develop positive critical thinking skills. Thus, apart from the place where you want to relax in your home, you can create a space where the artworks enhance your logical thinking and create an atmosphere of positive optimism.

But let’s now look in practical terms at how you can create an atmosphere in some of the different rooms in your home. As a well-styled home displays art in every room, we will provide some guidelines for the most important rooms in your house.

Create an Atmosphere with Works of Art – in the Living Room

Because the living room is usually the room where the family gathers and good friends are entertained, it is good to create a “lively” and diverse atmosphere. Therefore, the living room is ideal for creating your “gallery wall.” Create a very “busy” atmosphere by putting diverse items on the gallery wall. For example, ensure that the handmade paintings are framed in different types of frames; use watercolors, and oils, mix different sizes of artwork, etc.

With all the different types of art in the living room, you create a “fun room” with pieces of art to be enjoyed by everyone. The atmosphere you can create in your living room with selected art pieces is one of “let’s enjoy life.

Create an Atmosphere with Works of Art – in the Bedroom

Because your bedroom is your private sanctuary, the selection of artwork for your bedroom should be very personal. Commissioned portrait paintings with subjects dear to you are, for instance, ideal for creating a very personal atmosphere in your bedroom. To a certain extent, every piece of art in your bedroom should make a statement about you.

But the room must also have a relaxed atmosphere, and therefore the pieces of art should not be overwhelming. Landscapes, abstract paintings, and small sculptures are ideal in bedrooms.

Just remember that your bedroom is the one room where you have to keep your color choices in line with the color of your bedding and curtains. (Or the other way round – choose your linen after you’ve decided on the art pieces you want to put in your bedroom.) Ensure that the colors create a harmonious atmosphere in the room.

Create an Atmosphere with Works of Art – in the Kitchen

You can even create a specific atmosphere in your kitchen with art pieces. The atmosphere should tell your visitors that this kitchen is where you enjoy making food. So, it is recommended that you use artwork depicting food and people enjoying food. It is good to choose small frames with muted colors or small sculptures so that your art pieces complement the overall color and design of the kitchen.

You must also remember that the air in a kitchen can become greasy, so it must be easy to clean the art pieces regularly.

Create an Atmosphere with Works of Art – in the Dining Room

Many homeowners want their dining room to have an atmosphere that can be described as “loud” and “colorful.” Bold and colorful pieces of art in the dining room can create an atmosphere where people want to be and want to “indulge” themselves.

It is recommended that you also include art pieces in the dining room which can be conversation starters – this will help create a relaxed atmosphere.”

Create an Atmosphere with Works of Art –in the Bathroom

You can even create a specific atmosphere in the bathroom with art pieces. Your bathroom should be aesthetically pleasing. You can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with the correct art pieces.

Pick soothing and tranquil art because that is the atmosphere you want when relaxing in the tub. Therefore, it is recommended that you place art with serene tones and motifs in the bathroom.

Create an Atmosphere with Works of Art – in the Workspace/Study

If you have a home office and are working from home with clients meeting you in your office, it is important to create a professional atmosphere in the workspace. One or two landscapes will contribute to the professional feeling. And it is customary to have photos of your family in your office space. This creates a “caring” atmosphere – you care about your family.


Well-chosen pieces of art create a specific atmosphere in a room. We hope that the tips and suggestions in this article will help you choose appropriate pieces of art for your home. Just remember – always acquire artwork you like because you have to be comfortable with all the pieces in your home. And you are the person who decides on the specific atmosphere you want in your home.


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