Home DecorationPrep Your Tennessee Home for the Holidays With These Tips

Prep Your Tennessee Home for the Holidays With These Tips

With summer in the books and winter right around the corner, now is the time to begin prepping for the upcoming holidays. The fall season is the perfect time to prepare your home for holiday festivities and guests so you can easily check everything off the list without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Here are a few tasks to focus on for this year’s holiday season.

Freshen up the Guest Room

If you plan to welcome guests to your home this holiday season, now is the time to prepare your guest room. Give the room a good dusting after the long summer. Change out the bedding if it has been sitting for more than a few months. Wipe down any surfaces and restock any guest bathrooms. Guests also often welcome an extra set of bedding or pillows in the room’s closet.

Make Sure the Holiday Decorations Are Easily Accessible

While it may be too soon to pull out the Christmas tree and ornaments, it’s not too early to ensure they’re easy to access. By winter, it’ll be cold, and you won’t want to spend as much time in the attic or basement. Going through and finding your items now can make it easier to decorate when it gets much colder.

Declutter and Organize

Fall is also a good time to declutter and organize the home. You can go through everyone’s closets and swap out summer clothes for winter ones. This is also a good time to review your household documents, accumulated items from summer, and any other items lying around the house. Start fresh this fall, and you’ll be ready for all the gifts you’ll purchase and receive over the holiday season.

This may also be a good time to check that your appliances and other cooking tools are working well. You’ll find prices much cheaper now for repairs and replacements than waiting until the holiday season. You might also invest in a few upgraded cooking appliances to make hosting even easier.

Have the Carpets Cleaned

The fall is also an excellent time to have your home’s carpets professionally cleaned. Ideally, you should clean your home’s carpets at least once per year. The fall season is a great time to schedule your carpet cleaning in Nolensville, TN because you can get rid of the dirt and sand that you may have accumulated over the summer season.

Even better, you’ll be ready to welcome guests over for the holidays with your freshly cleaned furniture and carpets. You’ll likely request that your family and any guests remove their winter boots for your holiday celebrations, and a clean carpet will make them more comfortable doing so.

Complete a Deep Clean

The fall is also a good time to deep clean the rest of your house. Go through the fridge and cupboards and get rid of any expired items. Wipe down the fridge’s shelves and drawers, and you’ll be ready to store all your favorite holiday recipe items come winter. You can also use this time to restock your cabinets and drawers to make the items you and your family use most frequently easily accessible. Take your stove and oven apart and give it a deep cleaning since you’ll rely on these appliances when hosting.

Do Last Minute Outdoor Cleanups

Fall yard cleanup typically consists of removing leaves and cutting the grass. Doing this now before it gets too cold can ensure this important task is completed before snowfall. By removing the leaves now, you’ll also make it easier to take care of any snowfall during the winter. The holidays in Tennessee may get snow, and you’ll want to remove it and ice before welcoming guests to your home. Put away lawn furniture and get ready for a winter spent indoors.

Make Any Minor Repairs

Adding minor repairs to your holiday to-do list can quickly make it seem overwhelming. Try to take care of any minor repairs, like fixing door handles or filling sidewalk cracks, before it gets too cold. Grab a few cans of paint and touch up any chipped areas in your home. Add caulking to the window or door frames to help make your home cozy this winter. You might also refresh your wall decor with new photographs or paintings that can encourage new topics of conversation this holiday season.

Final Words

It’s never too early to begin prepping your home for the holiday season. Clean up from a memorable summer with a professional carpet cleaning service and by deep cleaning the rest of your home. Any tasks that you’re able to check off your list now will make things easier once the hectic holiday season arrives.

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