AppliancesWhat Appliances to Have in Your Newly Renovated Kitchen

What Appliances to Have in Your Newly Renovated Kitchen

Once you renovate your kitchen, you want the best appliances to make work easier. While some appliances have a standard size, you may come across some variations. You’ll need kitchen appliances for cooking, storage, cooling and preservation. If you want to discover great appliances, here are some must-haves in your newly renovated kitchen:

9 Appliances Must Have for Newly Renovated Kitchen

1. Microwave

A microwave’s versatility makes it an essential kitchen appliance. Besides reheating leftovers, a microwave can serve many other purposes, including:

  • Defrosting meats
  • Cooking
  • Roasting garlic

A microwave also helps you save time on dishes since you don’t need a pot or pan. You only need a plate or cup, place it in the microwave, and set the timer. There’s no need to worry about washing too many dishes.

The best part is that you regulate the heat level to the last second, which can be challenging when using a stove. And the timer ensures that your food doesn’t burn.

2. zline professional gas range

If you’re looking for a high-quality gas range that will make your cooking experience even more enjoyable, the zline professional range is definitely worth considering. This model features a variety of features that will make your cooking process as smooth and easy as possible, such as an automatic shutoff feature that helps to conserve energy, as well as five burners with variable heat settings that can accommodate any type of food.

Plus, it comes with an oven that is both large and deep, so you’ll be able to cook up a big meal or batch of cookies without any trouble. Whether you’re in the mood for something simple like grilled chicken or something more complex like a risotto dish, the zline professional range has got you covered.

3. Food Processor

A food processor will be a favorite when it comes to appliances you can add to your kitchen after a renovation. It is very versatile and will be worth your investment. It will cut down the hours you would spend prepping. The appliance will also encourage you to make homemade foods from bread, mayonnaise, salsa, sauces, and fresh juice.

You can use it to chop, grind, blend, grate, make a dough, and so much more. A food processor saves space in your renovated kitchen by performing the work of various appliances. Plus, it is easy to clean. You can put it in the dishwasher and continue with other activities.

4. Toaster Oven

If you want to save money on energy, consider having a kitchen appliance that heats up fast. A toaster oven does that, enabling you to reheat and cook food within a short time. They are typically small, saving up on space.

You can use a toaster oven for baking, roasting vegetables, and french fries. You can turn on the toaster function, which activates an internal timer to indicate when it will shut off and prevent burning. The oven function doesn’t have an automatic timer, but you can program the time you want the oven to run. Consider also using the slow-heat function for cooking different foods.

5. Air Fryer

An air fryer is a vital countertop appliance that will help cook several foods in your newly renovated kitchen. Because it uses hot air and a fan, you only need a spritz of cooking oil. Air frying provides a healthy alternative to deep-fat frying because your food will have lower fat and calories.

You can use an air fryer to:

  • Crisp up food
  • Roast vegetables
  • Cook meats
  • Bake cookies

Depending on the air fryer you purchase, you can get it equipped with a pizza pan, cake barrel, and grilling trays. Air fryers also produce minimum heat, making them perfect appliances for the hot season.

6. Range Cooker

Because you’ve already renovated your kitchen, you’ll need a freestanding cooker. A range cooker comes with several features, including hobs, warming compartments, separate grills, and more.

These cookers are stylish and come in different colors depending on your preference. It is an appliance that will surely transform your kitchen. It provides a steady cooking heat, perfect for producing evenly cooked food.

A range cooker has multiple ovens, enabling you to cook multiple foods at different temperatures simultaneously. With its extensive hob space, you can set up as many as eight saucepans.

7. Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a must-have kitchen appliance for storing leftovers, fresh foods, and vegetables. Fridges come in different sizes and features. It’s good to know your needs before purchasing a refrigerator.

A refrigerator comes in handy for food preservation. You’ll need it to preserve cooked food, spices, fruits, and more. They are also essential for cooling water and other drinks, especially in the summer.

Modern refrigerators come with water dispensers and ice makers. They also have retractable shelving and compartments to help maximize storage.

8. Blender

For someone who loves smoothies, a blender is a kitchen essential. Most come with two cups, one for liquids and the other for dry food. They have a setting to adjust speed, allowing you to dictate how you want your final product – evenly blended or mashed.

9. Water Heater

You need hot water countless times when in the kitchen. A water heater comes in handy as a quick-fix appliance. The convenience of having hot water directly from the tap cannot be overstated.

Final Words

Buying kitchen appliances is more challenging than you may think. When deciding what appliances to add to your kitchen, consider the space, budget, and efficiency. Having one that can perform several functions is a great way to save on space and money. To get the best deal, compare functionality and prices on different brands and types before making the final decision.

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