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10 Tips to Stay Safe in the Rainy Season

The rainy season can bring joy to many of us and make many agitated. It seems ideal for reading a good book or watching your favourite show curled up in a blanket with a cup of coffee. Rain also refreshes our surroundings and is an important part of the seasons that define our climate.

Yes, the joys and struggles of rainy weather are endless, but rain still comes with its hazards. It can put you in situations where you can be exposed to extreme danger. It may also be a scary time for many, but with caution and carefulness, any unfortunate circumstances can be avoided.

Here are ten tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy in rainy weather.

1. Stay Away From Electric Poles

Heavy rains can cause unimaginable destruction. In many cases of severe rain storms, poles are at a higher risk of falling. In addition, electricity might also be rampant in underground cables due to the stress caused by the rainy season.

Hence, all the residents of an area undergoing a rainy season are suggested to stay away from poles. It is suggested that you also ensure your children and pets stay indoors to avoid any unfortunate accidents caused by live wires and fall risks.

2. Improve Your Roofing

Your roof is the strongest and most important barrier between you and the harsh weather outside. The roof also ensures that all your possessions inside the house remain safe from any possible water damage. If you live in an area that faces frequent rains, it is important to get suitable roofing.

Make sure you carefully choose from multiple roofing options available in the market. EPDM edge trims are known to withstand harsh weather circumstances and prevent water from entering your home. Further, you can also discuss your concerns with a roofing professional.

3. Remain Indoors

As inviting as walking in the rain may seem, it can be a very dangerous activity. In addition, to live wires being a risk to your safety, the dirty puddles of water can be a breeding place for many bacteria. This activity can lead to many viral diseases and infections being contracted.

Getting your socks wet in rainwater and keeping them on for some time can also put you at a high risk of getting sick or contracting an infection. If it is unavoidable to walk in the rain, ensure that you have rubber shoes accompanied by an umbrella or a raincoat. 

4. Maintain Healthy Diet

Whether you hate or love the rainy season, it has health risks. It is suggested that you stay at the top of your health to stay safe during the rainy season. Excessive moisture in the atmosphere can increase your risk of getting a cold or fever.

Always remember that a strong immune system can protect you more than anything. To begin with, make sure that you stay away from people with cases of the flu. In addition, make sure to drink clean water and add herbal teas to your everyday routine to strengthen your immune system.

5. Be Cautious of Wet Floor

Many people hate the rainy season all around the world. They have their reasons, but one of the most commonly discussed reasons is everything being slippery. Especially if you have a smooth floor, you understand the struggle.

It is suggested that you stay indoors at all times but if you must step outside, make sure to take every step carefully. Slipping and falling can cause severe injuries such as broken bones, concussions, etc.

6. Watch Weather Forecast

If you expect the rainy season to start soon, ensure you do not miss the weather forecast. This practice can help you prepare according to the upcoming weather conditions. Especially if you are interested in outdoor activities, you need to stay in touch with the weather news to plan accordingly.

Watching the weather forecast before leaving home can also help you dress appropriately for the day. You can also plan your schedule according to the weather conditions and be certain if you need to carry an umbrella or raincoat.

7. Insure Your Property

Your home is one of the most valuable assets. Any damage to your home can cost you a lot financially and may also cost you emotionally. In case of any natural disasters or unforeseen losses, you must plan and be prepared for the next steps.

It is suggested that if your area faces a lot of extreme weather conditions, you get your property insured. Consider it as a small cost to protect you from any bigger losses. The right insurance will ensure compensation for any losses beyond your control.

8. Be Prepared for Power Cuts

Rain can turn out to be an extreme weather condition in some areas. Due to unforeseen circumstances, your area may also face unannounced power outages. Significantly, you need to ensure you are always prepared for these situations.

In case of expected flooding, make sure you have backup lights, batteries, blankets, and a first aid kit. If a family member is on a certain medication, ensure that you also have a backup ready to fall on for their medical needs.

9. Watch out for Mosquitos

The rainy season also comes with many disadvantages. Among the most commonly addressed nuisances, the emergence of mosquitos remains at the top. In addition to being extremely irritating, mosquito bites can cause many other medical problems.

To keep yourself from getting bit by a mosquito, make sure that you and your loved ones have their bottles of mosquito repellents. These formulas can protect you from getting bit. Although the repellents are helpful, if the problem pertains, you can buy a mosquito net to stay protected.

10.   Drive with Caution

It is recommended that you avoid driving in the rainy season. Due to limited visibility, many unfortunate accidents occur in extreme weather conditions like rain storms yearly. If you must drive, make sure that you wait for a safe visibility limit.

All drivers know that rain and wet roads make driving very hard. It is recommended that you drive slowly and keep your vipers running. Also, it would be best to avoid overtaking as it can increase your chances of sliding off the roads due to slipperiness.


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