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What Makes Hidden Flange Way Different from Others

If you plan to get an access door, you might be debating whether to get one with an exposed or concealed flange. If you are somehow new to the industry and do not necessarily know the difference between the two, you should research to understand why the hidden flange differs from other types of access doors. Here are a few considerations to take into account about concealed flange access doors:

What is a Flange?

A flange is a protruding ridge or rim that you can find in access doors that help strengthen the door and spread the load. It helps ensure that the door opens and closes with ease. To install an access panel to your property, you should ensure that the flanges are durable and that the experts secure them. It will help ensure that the nuts and bolts are secure and that the flange spreads the clamping force over the area.

What is a Concealed Flange?

A concealed flange’s main feature is that it is partly invisible to an onlooker when you shut the door. You can usually find these in cabinet doors as it helps contribute to the aesthetical appeal of your property. Most concealed flanges can be found in different doors and come with additional features like a soft-close or an adjustable arm.

A flange is also known as a fastener, and the door would not be able to open or close effortlessly without it. Most doors with this type of flange come with a recess that is boring on the door. It allows flush mounting.

What is An Exposed Flange?

When it comes to an exposed flange, you can see it on top of your panels after the installation. It will be perfect for anyone who wants to add a classic look to metal panels. Having an exposed flange does quicken the installation process, but you might lose the aesthetical appeal of your property or the room with a flange visible to everyone.

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Why Choose a Hidden Flange?

Now that you know the difference between a flange that you can see and one that is aesthetically pleasing, it is time to choose. If you are already inclining toward a general-purpose access panels hidden flange type, you would want to know the benefits of choosing it. Here they are:

  • Modern Appearance: A most appealing feature of a concealed flange is its sleek and contemporary appearance to you and your property. If you are looking to stick to having a modern design on your property, you should choose to conceal your flanges. While the installation may take longer, there are still additional benefits to choosing a concealed flange compared to an exposed one.
  • Extra Protection to Fasteners: Hidden flanges also have additional protection against outside elements such as rain, harsh winds, extreme heat, and other external factors. It will provide your fasteners resistance and help them stay intact for a long time.
  • Decrease in Chances of Distortion: Because your panels naturally expand and contract due to continuous exposure to heat and weather changes, having a concealed flange will help them adapt better to the changing temperature. The external temperature will also not affect the fasteners inside the panel.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what results you want for your access door will help you choose between one that has a concealed flange and one that isn’t. You can always have a look at the product first before you decide. You can also take into consideration the aesthetic you want to go for you your commercial property. Choose one that benefits you the most so it can be a worthier investment.


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