EnergyHow to Tell When Your Solar Panel System Needs Repairs

How to Tell When Your Solar Panel System Needs Repairs

Whether it is damage to one of the panels itself or a malfunctioning PV inverter, being able to identify issues with your solar systems (and call the right specialists to fix them) is important. However, sometimes, the signs that your system needs repairs can be subtle or difficult to identify.

What kind of signs hint at a damaged panel, and what kind of issues might arise that you need to fix? Finding the right services to fix the issues with your solar panels can be important, especially if you are relying on them to keep energy costs low.

Common Signs of Damage

Solar Panel Failure

If your solar panel simply stops working, then there is very likely a severe issue harming at least one important part of the system. This might be a frayed wire, or a broken battery, or something even more serious – but thankfully, this is a very obvious sign.

Inconsistent Energy Supplies

If your solar panel system consistently fails to deliver the expected amount of energy, parts of the system may be failing without completely breaking. Even if the panel technically still works, obvious signs of the system getting weaker should be investigated.

Shards of Glass

Some damage is purely physical, and solar panels with damaged glass covers can be identified fairly easily. This usually hints that something has physically damaged the panel, which might have harmed some of the components beneath the glass -and if not, they might still suffer more damage in extreme weather now that they are exposed.

Structural Damage

If you notice obvious cracks or dents in your panel’s frames or mounts, those could indicate some kind of structural damage or just general wear and tear. Again, these signs are not always indicative of a full breakdown, but they should definitely be checked.

More obvious kinds of structural damage, like shattered panels or disconnected mounts, are an urgent issue. These not only usually mean that the panels are broken but can snowball into even worse issues if you do not fix the problem before it gets worse.

Understanding Solar Panel Repairs

Solar panels are incredibly useful when they are well-maintained, but sometimes something simply breaks. It is important to understand what these components usually are and how damage to them can affect your system.

Damaged Panels

The panel itself is the most important part of the solar energy system. As long as your panels are intact, everything else can probably be fixed. If a single panel is damaged, then the whole system can’t run as efficiently, and this will impact the amount of energy your solar system generates.

Solar panel damage is not easily fixed. This is because most units use sealed cells that can’t simply be put back together – however, this depends on the level of damage since light scratches can sometimes be laminated over with another layer of protection.

Damaged panels are usually best replaced if they suffer a more extreme kind of damage. Light damage might not be severe, but it can still reduce the panel’s output, which might become a problem if every panel in your home’s solar array has been weakened.

Solar Panel Mounting Damage

The mounts or frames that hold your panels in place can also suffer from wear and tear. If a mounting bracket has become loose or a mount is bent or cracked, it can damage the panel or even completely lose its hold on the panel system. However, this kind of damage can be more easily repaired, as mounts and brackets can often be fixed, tightened, or replaced.

Different kinds of mounts require different solutions and can carry specific risks if they are worn out. For example, a raised pillar-like mounting means that there is more space for the panel to fall if it somehow comes loose, while a mounting that is flush with the roof itself might be at greater risk of water damage if it is already cracked or weakened.

Damaged Inverters

While an inverter is not always part of the solar panels themselves, the inverter is a vital part of the system, turning the direct currency (DC) energy into alternating current (AC) energy. This is required if you want to use the energy in your home properly, which also means that a broken inverter essentially bottlenecks your entire system.

There are a lot of different kinds of inverters, and most are built to last quite a long time. However, they can still suffer damage or simply wear down enough to where they are no longer suitable for the solar system they were originally installed for.

Replacing an inverter is usually the easiest solution to this issue, especially if that particular model is no longer in active production. Switching to a new inverter effectively upgrades your entire system, which can be a worthwhile choice if your original inverter has become too weak or worn down to serve its purpose.

Solar System Repair and Replacement Services

In general, working with trained specialists is the safest way to repair or replace solar panel components. Solar energy systems are complicated, and even if you have a basic understanding of how the system is supposed to work, the components are still quite delicate and can break in complex ways that you may not notice or know how to fix.

If you notice any damage to your solar energy system or even suspect that it might have suffered a fault somewhere, contact a local solar energy specialist and have them conduct a proper assessment.

Sometimes, the issue may simply be that it needs to be cleaned or slightly adjusted to get back to its maximum power production potential. However, many more complicated issues will require either replacement or extensive repairs.

End Note

Repairing and replacing the various components can also be costly, but if you do not have an energy system that runs efficiently, then the missing savings from not having a fully functional solar panel system can really hurt.

Overall, it is best to look for the ideal services for your situation. For example, if your inverter is failing, using Panelit solar PV inverter replacement services would make it easy to get that unit replaced quickly and easily.

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