EnergySolar Panel Patio Cover - Things to Know before Installing

Solar Panel Patio Cover – Things to Know before Installing

Should your home roof be too beautiful to cover the solar panel? But still you want the perfect bill-cutting solution? Go for Solar panel patio cover. This is an excellent custom solar framing system that not only serves renewable energy but it also offers traditional patio benefits. However your backyard should have enough space to structure this additional installment.

Still Solar panel patio cover is the perfect freestanding renewable energy source for most homeowners. This is an excellent solution for those who don’t want solar panels mounted on their roof. Now you can pursue various types of Solar panel Patio Cover for your backyard. Each type has different pros, cons, and expenses. There are also some challenges available for the installation.

So this guide explains, what is Solar panel patio cover, overall cost depending on size, benefits and other related information. Additionally we discuss how anyone can install solar panel cover on their existing patio. So keep reading this guide and understand the detailed insights of Solar panel patio cover.

What is Solar Panel Patio Cover?

Solar panel patio cover is a freestanding structure that offers solar electricity and outdoor patio benefits. It means you can save money on home electricity along with enjoying your free time relaxing under the beautiful shade. The structure is usually attached to your home and stands on two or more columns.

On top of the patio, solar panels are installed that convert sunlight into your home electricity. Addition to the patio, an energy storage system also comes in some cases. This storage saves electricity for future use. Solar panel patio made from sturdy framework including materials like aluminum, steel or wood. In many places, this freestanding structure also refers to solar pergolas, or solar canopy.

According to the EnergySage, solar patio cover is the part of emerging renewable energy generation solar. Where they use a freestanding structure rather than the rooftop. Apart from electricity, Solar panel patio covers are designed to shade and protect your backyard space.

What Are the Pros of Solar Panel Patio Cover?

Solar patio cover mainly offers three major benefits. Add freestanding structure in your backyard, provide renewable energy for home and save lots of dollars on electricity. However, few disadvantages are also available for Solar panel patio cover. The most common is large space requirements.

Excellent Source of Renewable Energy

The primary benefits of Solar panel patio cover is generating renewable energy. Solar panels absorb sun heat to produce your home electricity. So your home appliances and electric system get back up to function regularly.

Cut Down Overall Electricity Bills

Electricity bill is the primary concern for most homeowners. By installing solar panels you can cut down maximum dollars without spending lots of electricity.

Outdoor Patio Benefits

Solar panel patio cover installed on freestanding columns which can give a relaxing and protected seating area in your backyard.

Aesthetic Presence

This freestanding solar installation not only offers sustainability and energy efficiency, but it also increases the aesthetic presence of your property. Depending on your budget you can customize the solar patio.

Environmental Benefits

Industry already switches to solar energy due to its Environmental Benefits and deduction of carbon emission. Additionally the government also offers subsidies to promote renewable energy among individuals.

Years Long Benefits

High quality solar panels offer years long benefits to users. So you can enjoy renewable energy for up to 25 years with proper maintenance.

What Are the Cons of Solar Panel Patio Cover?

Initial Cost is Higher

Undoubtedly, initial cost is higher in Solar panel patio cover. Indeed the installment includes solar panels, freestand structure and labor cost to function properly.

Space Limitation

Space is another vital factor to pursue the solar patio cover. This freestand structure needs a separate space to function freely.

Depends on Weather

Solar panels are also weather dependent. The renewable energy production may not be enough on rainy or cloudy days. Seasons and nearby trees are also a factor that determines solar performance.

Higher Maintenance

Solar panels tend to gather Dust, debris, leaves and other clogs over time. So timely cleaning and occasional repairing is required to function these panels correctly.

Has Some Restrictions

Depending on space, locatilty and weather conditions solar panels are installed. In many cases there are many permits required for the structure.

What Are the Types of Solar Panel Patio Cover?

There are various types of solar panel patio covers available for users. People often called these structures with different names. For example, Flat Roof Solar Patio Covers, Solar Carports, Solar Canopies, Wall-Mounted Solar Patio Covers and others. In short, all these structures are freestanding solar panel solutions for the outdoors. Depending on their design and customization other features are included. So below are the common types of Solar panel patio cover, people more often install in their backyard.

Solar Pergolas

This is a common outdoor structure that people more often place in their backyard. Solar Pergolas follow a similar design to traditional Pergolas. It means a box type structure that includes vertically placed four pillars and wooden cross-beams on top. Roofs of the Solar Pergolas carry solar panels that produce renewable energy. Due to the roof’s cross beam construction, sunlight easily passes through and offers a great shaded area underneath.


Solar Gazebos is also a stand alone structure that includes a flat shape rooftop covering with solar panels. The structure also supports pillars or posts to hold the upper shade. Solar panels offer energy production while the upper shade provides a comfortable sitting area underneath.

Similarly there are various types of Solar panel patio cover found at home. People mostly follow a traditional patio structure that supports their solar panels separately from their rooftop.

What is Solar Panel Patio Cover Kits?

Depending on your provider, the number of solar panel kits comes to the owner. Solar panels, mounting hardware, racking system, and inverter are the common materials required for the installation. Additionally some other tools like steel or wooden pillars, wiring, connectors etc are also included in the structure. So below are the common Solar Panel Patio Cover Kits required for the installation.

High quality Solar panels are the first thing included in the kit. Depending on your price, wattage and size depends.

Mounting Hardware is another common equipment that secure the solar panels on your patio cover. It helps to function the panels in different weather conditions.

Racking systems position and support the solar panels so they effectively consume sunlight from an optimum angle.

Inverter helps to convert DC energy to AC. Indeed, home appliances are designed to run on alternative current. But solar panels produce direct current from the sunlight.

Painted steel frames and legs are also required to prepare the patio structure in your backyard.

How Much Do Solar Patio Cover Kits Cost?

Solar panel patio cover cost depends on its size and performance. Till April 2022, Solar panel patio cover cost $15 to $25 per foot. An estimated, today this freestanding solar energy structure price between $18,950 to $41,950. There are various size solar patios you can install like small size, medium size and large size.


Size in Kilowatt

No of panels


13.7′ x 14.2′




13.7′ x 17.6′




13.7′ x 21.1′




13.7′ x 24.6′




20.6′ x 17.6




13.7′ x 28′




13.7′ x 31.5′




20.6′ x 21.1′




20.6′ x 24.6′




20.6′ x 28′




27.5′ x 28′




Can You Put Solar Panels on an Existing Patio Cover?

Puting Solar panel on an existing patio cover is possible under some circumstances. Many users already carry a free stand patio in their backyard. If you have the structure and are willing to cover the roof with solar panels, know the possibilities.

First ensure how strong your existing patio is. Indeed, solar panels should be a permanent installation and need a strong base support underneath. Most manufacturers sold specific solar panel kits for patios. If the structural strength is capable of carrying solar panels weight, you can place them on the top.

Remember, solar panels are quite heavy and don’t last on a lightweight base like aluminum roofing.

Still there are some types of patio available that easily carry and function solar panels in its complete form.

For example, a south facing patio that provides maximum sunlight exposure to the panel. Secondly comes a flat shaped patio that easily mount and support solar panels with the help of a racking system. Most importantly, strength of the structure is vital to Put Solar Panels on an Existing Patio Cover.

Is Solar Panel Patio Cover Better Than Rooftop Cover?

Both solar panel patio cover and solar roof installation have specific advantages and disadvantages. Which one meets your standard varies on several factors like budget, space, limitation and need. So below is the comparison between solar panel patio cover and solar roof installation.

Solar panel patio cover provides additional outdoor space in your backyard. Additionally the structure holds solar panels for years with timely maintenance. With patio solar installation you can increase home value and prepare an aesthetic appearance in your backyard.

On the other hand, rooftop solar is much cheaper than solar pergola or patio. This installation brings faster results to your investment. Still this solar solution needs complex installation and additional support to the structure. Besides there are possibilities of roof damages and other challenges.

So the decision between solar panel patio cover and solar roof installation, is completely a personal preference.

What Are the Challenges for Solar Panel Cover?

Besides renewable energy production and aesthetic presence, Solar panel patio cover also brings challenges during the installation. Some of them are already discussed in this article. So below is the brief info about What are the challenges for solar panel cover in finance, design, location, and performance.

Initial cost is higher for solar patio cover. Over years the cost of panels may reduce but you have to pay a lump sum to structure the solar framing system.

Solar panels are reflective and make a strong visual impact on your property. So it is important to balance their function and design correctly.

Selecting the right location is also important for the solar system. These panels need sufficient sunlight exposure to generate renewable energy.

Performance of this solar patio cover depends on maintenance. If you repair and clean them timely, solar panels can last over 25 years.

Conclusion: Are Solar Patio Covers Worth It?

Solar panel patio covers focus on renewable energy production and preparing a protected shade in your space. Your home should have a backyard or enough space to install this freestand structure. Undoubtedly, Solar panel patio cover is an emerging solar framing solution for owners. You can save lots of dollars in electricity bills and also enjoy holidays under protected shade. However the initial cost is higher for this solar solution. Still the installation is worth it in terms of one time investment.

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