PropertyWhere to Buy Property in Spain by the Sea?

Where to Buy Property in Spain by the Sea?

Purchasing a property is an essential occasion in life, especially in foreign countries. Numerous people desire to obtain the opportunity to live permanently, relax on the sunny coast and buy real estate in Spain by the sea. If you have ever considered such a purchase, it’s time to clarify the main details.

Spain’s rich cultural and historical heritage makes it one of the most interesting countries in the world. What does the asset of Spanish real estate promise, and where is it more useful to look after it?

Investment Attractiveness of Spanish Real Estate

According to statistics, Spanish real estate is increasing in cost by 40% almost every 3 years. Purchasing property in Spain is an incredibly promising asset. Although traditionally, real estate in Spain is split into residential and investment. Almost any house, cottage, villa, or apartment can be used for both personal and business purposes.

What Opportunities Can You Get From Real Estate in Spain

If you have your own house or apartment, you can apply for a multi-visa, giving you the right to stay in the country 180 days a year. Visa processing will take 3-5 days if you have a modest package of documents. Registration for a residence permit will take from 3 to 5 months. However, it does not give the right to take jobs in Spain, where the labor market is in a serious crisis.

Choosing the Best Accommodation by the Sea

Real estate on the Mediterranean coast is particularly popular. A wonderful climate, 320 sunny days a year, a favorable ecological situation, well-maintained resort towns – this dream of millions of people can be realized relatively easily. The cost of real estate in Spain is currently available to the widest range of buyers, and its rate is recognized worldwide.

Costa Blanca

This Spanish coast is becoming more and more attractive for buying real estate each year. Apartments on the Costa Blanca are excellent value for money. The shore is split into northern and southern parts, on the border of which is the famous Spanish resort of Alicante. There is an airport, a principal seaport, several universities, and public and private educational institutions. It organically combines historic and modern parts.

The north of the Costa Blanca is a mountainous area covered by a striking green landscape dominated by pine trees. The southern part of the coast is flat, and the mountains are 8 km or more away from the coastline. Here the green landscape is distinguished by an abundance of palm trees. The south of Costa Blanca is famous for its golf courses. Apartments, townhouses, villas – on the “White Beach” you can choose any property:

  • in a busy city;
  • in a quiet resort town.

Well-maintained roads and short distances between all settlements make it easy to change the situation.

Costa Cálida

It is situated in the province of Murcia between Valencia and Andalusia. 230 km of picturesque sandy beaches, rich cultural and historical origin, and expanded infrastructure make this area attractive for tourism and permanent residence. Agriculture is highly developed here, and there is no industry, so you can live in ecologically clean conditions, enjoying abundant flowers and fruits.

Costa Cálida has quite small traditional Spanish towns and large modern cities. Even though Spain can offer real estate by the sea for every taste, the city of Los Alcazares, located on the coast of the Small Sea, where there are many lagoons with an area of about 180 sq. m., should be noted individually. It isolated from the Mediterranean Sea by the oblique La Manga del Mar Menor. Apartments in multi-story high-rise constructions with scenic sea views are popular on this spit. Sometimes the layout offers sea views from several sides. In the same part of the “Hot Coast,” you can buy a private villa with a pool.

Costa de Almería

This part of the coast has recently been developed as a tourist destination. The region has several unique natural reserves that attract the attention of nature lovers. The resort town of Mojacar in the northeast of the Costa de Almeria has already gained popularity among tourists. The cities of Albox and Carboneras are also convenient for permanent residents, where life is in full swing all year round. All real estate on the “Almeria Coast” is built utilizing modern environmentally pleasant technologies that help preserve the natural environment.

The Cost of Real Estate

Real estate costs are very diverse: the most inexpensive flats can be bought for €30,000, and a luxury villa can cost more than €1,000,000. While purchasing property in Spain inexpensively is a reality, additional costs must be considered. This is a tax on the real estate purchase, payment for notary registration of the transaction, and legal services, if required, the costs of concluding a mortgage contract. All this adds 10-12% to the declared cost of real estate. You can visit the Spain-Real.Estate website to find the perfect property option.

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