Swimming PoolHow to Successfully Integrate a Pool Into A Landscape?

How to Successfully Integrate a Pool Into A Landscape?

If you manage to integrate your pool into the landscape well it can truly look spectacular. And why would you settle for anything less when it comes to your own home?

A lot of us spend a huge amount of time and money on landscaping, and then if we decide to add a pool there is always a chance we could get it wrong. This guide is to help you successfully integrate a pool into a landscape.

Pool Grating

The pool grating is the area around the pool, it can collect overflow water and also provide a level of hygiene, which is essential. Nobody wants their pool to look messy and getting splashes over other areas of your garden can also be a disadvantage. A grate makes sure that the floor space doesn’t get excessively wet and makes the pool much more pleasant as well as reliable.

Pool Deck Drain

When your pool plans are put together you need to include a deck drain. Pool deck drains help to keep the excess water away from walkways and even redirect rainwater from the pool on a wet day. It is a functional feature rather than one to improve the looks, but it is always required.

Pool Drain Cover Replacement

Drain covers need to be of excellent quality. They are made to prevent people from getting trapped in the drains. Without them, hair or even fingers could get trapped within and cause some serious health risks. This is not an area to compromise.

The pool drain cover needs to meet safety standards before you consider going into the pool.

Build a Patio or Terrace Around the Swimming Pool

One of the best ways to create a sense of flow and make your design look quality as well as deliberate is to add a terrace or patio around the pool. When you go on your vacation and lay by the pool, there is usually a patio area. This is functional as well as being a great way to link the pool with the rest of the landscape.

A terrace can give you more of an enclosed look if that is what you are going for, and these are ideal spaces for relaxing with friends and hosting BBQs and parties. Your parties can now be pool parties.

Plantings Link New Features With Old

If you think about it, the stark contrast between the modern look of a pool and the natural look of the rest of the landscape can be quite harsh. Plantings are one good way to avoid the difference from being too stark and unpleasant.

Plantings can make a big impact and help the area around the pool to look a lot more natural. They help with the flow and the whole look of the pool if it is done well. You can get advice from the top landscaping services in your area about which kinds of plants will look best for this.

Grass Deck

Gress decks do exist, and they can be very effective, too. Installing artificial grass around pool areas is also a great way to ensure that those areas are not dirty and that you’re not going to get mud on your feet when you’re entering or exiting the pool.

You can also choose natural grass but you need to make sure that there are certain areas around the deck such as hard lines for people to walk on, such as having steps through the grass so that people don’t get their feet muddy. Cleanliness is always key as well as safety.

A grass deck gives much more of a natural look, so it doesn’t feel quite so clinical. Getting that modern look of the pool to integrate with a lush and green garden is tough but this is one way to achieve it.

Ornamental Pots & Urns

If your pool has already been built and you have a concrete or decked area around it then you might be looking for ways that you can integrate some greenery.

Ornamental pots and urns can be added after the installation of the pool itself, of course. It is a way for you to make sure that there is something breaking up the concrete or other materials. They are also pretty inexpensive, and they don’t tend to need a lot of maintenance.

If you love the decoration aspect of a garden and don’t want the landscape to be taken over by the pool then this could be a solution that is pretty simple and added after the pool itself.

Fully Integrate Landscaping Throughout the Pool

It is possible to integrate landscaping throughout the whole pool, and for the pool to simply be in the center of the landscape around it. If you’re in the fortunate position of designing everything from scratch then there is every chance that you can do this in a more effective way.

The pool may need to be carefully designed in this scenario. Maybe there is a wall that you want to form part of the pool or you wish for some of the sturdy planters in your garden to be completely joined to the pool? There are a lot of different choices here and a proper plan, made with the help of professionals, is the way to ensure that it integrates safely with your landscape as well as looks amazing.


Adding these things will definitely integrate your pool into a landscape. You have to install each things carefully and adjust with your pool. It might be a difficult task. So, you may consult with the experts nearby you.

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