GuideTop Beaches for Swimming in Turkey – A Swimmer’s Pamphlet

Top Beaches for Swimming in Turkey – A Swimmer’s Pamphlet

Beaches are every swimmer’s delight! You may not be able to afford villas for sale sea view in Turkey, but there is nothing stopping you from swimming in one, visiting such places, and having the peak of enjoyment in them. This is the Swimmer’s Pamphlet for the best beaches to swim in Turkey in 2023.

A List of the Best Beaches for Swimming in 2023

According to Turk.Estate, here are some of the most famous beaches for swimming in 2023

1. Kaputas Beach

You will find Kaputas Beach between Kalkan and Kas. It contains incredible white-washed sands that sit on its shores. The area is quiet and perfect for reflection or personal time; its clear ocean waters also enchant visitors for an excellent time. You should come with a mat and other edibles because the beach is fun and famous, and the items there are pricey.

2. Patara Beach

Next is Patara Beach, about eighteen kilometers long along the Turkish coast. Patara Beach is famous for being a place for everyone. If you are in the bubbly category and looking for a place to unwind, attend beach parties, and eat excellent meals, you will find a spot at Patara Beach, especially during weekends. If you also like alone time, you will find a nice place along the 18 kilometers. Besides its white sand and many features, a fun fact about the Patara is that it is the longest and can be easily reached from the Gelemis town.

3. Iztuzu Beach

Fellowship with the hundreds of turtles that visit the Iztuzu beach sands. Wherever nature loves to lounge, you can rest assured that it is conducive for humans. The Iztuzu is one of the softest and most fabulous beaches for solitary visitors. It is only about 5 kilometers, but it is a fantastic place to cool off and dive, especially in the evening.

4. Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra Beach is singled out as the beach of love for its fondling history. Gifted to the beautiful and magnificent Cleopatra, this Beach sand never lacks visitors worldwide. To date, it is unclear whether the sands of the beach were indeed placed there artificially, but their white sparkles never cease to make people wonder about their origin. Fishing is easy in this area because the water is shallow, and you can also swim there. It is one of the most famous beaches in Alanya.

5. Cirali Beach

Only about 4 kilometers long, Cirali Beach is the pride of the Cirali village and one of its best heritage. Nothing is as mesmerizing as the citrus trees that adorn the beach and the white sands of the area. It has excellent diving corners and makes for a splendid swim. You could dive from the tallest angle and plunge into the water if daring enough. Voted as one of the most charming beaches, Cirali Beach is a must-visit in 2023.

6. Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley is an area of bluish wonder from where you could dive into the most beautiful waters or watch the scenic valleys from the boat. Looking at the valleys, you may think you are in the movies. A boat ride from Oludeniz is advised until you reach the fantastic beaches of the butterfly valley.

7. Lara Beach

Simply spectacular is Lara Beach, a factor that makes it one of the most visited beaches of Turkey of all time. It is a blue water beach with clear waters such that you can see the bottom from a simple glance. It is public, and you don’t have to pay for sitting spaces, but that also contributes to it being crowded all the time. Albeit, it is worth the visit, especially if you are extroverted and do not mind being around people.

8. Fethiye Beaches

Next up are the Fethiye beaches. If you live in the area or aren’t far from it, you are in luck! Fethiye does not only have fantastic weather, but it also has some of the most amazing beaches ever. For example, you could try Calis Beach so a quiet swimming time, Ceviz Beach if you like being alone, or Fethiye Sahil if you are a people person. The list is virtually endless.

Other Bonus Beaches

As bonuses, there are other beaches where you can have a swell time swimming; they include the beach at Kemer, Oludeniz Beach, and Kabak Beach, to mention a few. One thing to keep in mind is that beaches can be as much fun as you bring and as engaging as you want them to be. So be invested in the moments and enjoy yourself!

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