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Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature? – 6 Things to Fix

When you are at home after a working day and all you want to do is have a rest and relax. But, you realize that your Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature, what you feel. Ugh! Nothing is so frustrating when you observe the thermostat not reaching a set temperature. You have to go through the trouble of setting your thermostat and changing it to a suitable temperature. Figuring out the same, will take a lot of your time and can become just like a complicated quiz you have no answers to.

Well, now you don’t need to worry about this situation anymore! This article will tell you about the various causes of why the thermostat is not reaching the set temperature and how you can change it to your desired temperature and relax hassle-free!

When your thermostat is bad, you will have to face a lot of issues. Installing a bad thermostat is lethal and can cause numerous home issues. Hence you should always invest in a good thermostat that can maintain optimal temperatures for a safe and healthy home. But a thermostat isn’t something that you always keep a check on. How will you know that the thermostat has stopped functioning? Let’s check it out.
Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature

How to Know If Your Thermostat Is Not Working?

A malfunctioning thermostat acts funky and shows symptoms and indicates the house owners from time to time. When you notice that the thermostat is on but cannot feel warm or cool air, then it’s a sign! This process may be complex and can require professional help or the replacement of the thermostat for which you will need to look for ‘heating repair services near me‘ online. Here are some ways how you can understand if the thermostat needs to be repaired.

The Thermostat Device Does Not Turn on:

The display will not appear. Change the batteries or check the electrical wire connection and make sure everything is fitted properly. If everything is fine, then it means that the thermostat is the culprit.

Does Your HVAC System Work?

The HVAC system at your house will not respond to any signals that the thermostat sends. Also, there will be chances of the HVAC system not turning on when the temperature is adjusted. Sometimes, even its display won’t turn on.

HVAC System Acts Weird:

You will notice defects in your system. Sometimes it won’t turn on, if it does, then it won’t function properly or it might just not turn off. It might also start and stop automatically.

Uneven Temperature Of Thermostat:

The reading that the thermostat displays doesn’t match the temperature of the home. Somewhere it might be cooler/hotter than others. In the case of Honeywell, the Honeywell thermostat blinking cool on indicates the issue of uneven temperature.

You finally notice that the thermostat is not working. But are you confused why so? What is the reason behind the device not functioning properly? There might be several reasons for your thermostat not operating properly. The size of the thermostat, broken device, broken HVAC system, or dirt settled inside is a few causes for the dysfunction of the thermostat. Let’s proceed each methods one by one which one works best for you.

Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature? – 6 Things to Fix

Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature

1. Size of the Thermostat

It is really important to check whether the size of the thermostat is appropriate for your home. Small thermostats might not function for bigger homes. It will be difficult for the device to cover the entire area and you will notice the thermostat not reaching the set temperature.

Also, the HVAC system might not be able to operate in your entire house. It might give issues if you have added on to space, built a new living area, or converted your garage into a room, then the HVAC might have a hard time keeping up with the thermostat.

Solution: The thermostat should be the one that will suit the size of your apartment. You can take professional help for this. He will make sure that the thermostat will be the perfect one for your house.

2. Wrong Location of the Thermostat

If you face any issue with your thermostat not reaching a set temperature, it could be a problem with the location of the thermostat. For example, if the device is placed near the kitchen where the temperature is higher due to cooking and heating, then the display might read higher than usual. Installing the thermostat at an ideal location, away from all heating and cooling, will help the thermostat to function up to the mark.

Solution: With the location, there are some practical things to be taken into consideration. Appliances like a hairdryer should not be kept or used near the device.

3. Dirty Thermostat

Dirt in your device will prevent the thermostat not reaching the set temperature. You will have a hard time reading the correct temperature. In such a case, remove the cover and brush the dust away. You can also use a compressed air spray while doing so.

However, cleaning is easy but the thermostat is an extensively sensitive device. Therefore it is recommended to hire a professional for gentle cleaning.

Solution: Cleaning should be done regularly, to prevent the dysfunction of the thermostat. Use a soft tip brush to remove the dust. While doing this make sure you don’t mess with the wires or any other delicate components inside the device. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the thermostat.

4. Fix Loose Wiring

The thermostat will face issues if the wires are loose. It could cause problems with the display or the thermostat not reaching the set temperature. It is important to make sure that the wiring is securely connected. With loose wiring, corrosion might also be one of the causes.

Solution: Avoid cleaning with the brush as much as possible because this might loosen the wirings. A cotton swab will be a better replacement for harder-to-reach places. The swab can also be used for clearing corrosion.

5. The Thermostat is Unlevel.

Another reason for the thermostat not reaching the set temperature is that the device is unleveled. It can show incorrect reading if it is not in level with the wall. If not mounted properly, the pin connection between the device and the back slab will be disturbed which will lead to dysfunction of the thermostat. You need to fix and level the device properly on the wall for the device to function correctly.

Solution: The backplate should be squared to the wall with the help of screws. Try to replace the faceplate and check if the device works fine.

6. Other Reasons to Contemplate If Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, you should consider a few other things when the thermostat does not reach the set temperature.

  • Check if batteries are dying
  • Consider how old the thermostat is
  • Broken or damaged sensors
  • The air conditioner or furnace might be spoilt
  • The fan dysfunctions and pumps due to warm air
  • Uneven mercury switch

Wrapping Up

There is a solution to every problem. Replacement is not an option every time, we can solve the minor problems by ourselves, only if we are completely educated about it. Similarly, try out all possible ways you can to fix the thermostat before replacing it. Functioning and installing the Honeywell non-programmable thermostat is complex but good maintenance will always keep the thermostat working for years on end.

We hope this article helps you resolve your doubt. Hope you found this article informative and helpful for your future uses. Wait We are actively looking for Professionals to write for us home decor blog.


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