BathroomThings to Know About Toilet Wax Rings and Replacement

Things to Know About Toilet Wax Rings and Replacement

Part of your life as a homeowner is taking care of your house. This includes maintaining everything in your home, including the plumbing fixtures. For example, you must keep the toilet clean and working efficiently. There are times when you notice that the wax ring on your toilet has disappeared or become loose. In such instances, you will require a toilet wax ring replacement to address the issue effectively. The purpose of replacing these parts instead of simply cleaning them is better sanitation, especially in areas where there might be dirt and debris around them.

So, refer to the ensuing information to know everything crucial about these fixtures and learn how to deal with a wax ring leak.

What is a toilet wax ring, and why does it leak?

A toilet wax ring is a wax seal on the floor, encasing the joint between your toilet and its drain pipe. The purpose of this ring is to keep a perfect, watertight seal around that joint so that no flushed waste leaks into your home. If this seal breaks, either from deterioration over time, or because your toilet is not mounted and leveled properly, the results are smelly, unsanitary, and potentially dangerous.

Signs that it is leaking

If you notice any of the following signs, it is likely that your toilet wax ring has a leak and needs a replacement.

Although unpleasant smells in the bathroom can be common, a persistent bad smell from your toilet and/or floor may indicate a wax ring leak and should be of concern.

A wobbly toilet or slow-draining tanks also indicate leaks in the wax ring, warranting immediate attention before the issue worsens.

Also, if your toilet becomes consistently difficult to flush, you likely have a leakage issue that could be related to your wax ring.

Should you try fixing it yourself?

You can fix the leak by following a few simple steps from reputable plumbing websites. Some master plumbers will also let you book virtual appointments and guide you through the repair process in case of an emergency. Typically, you first need to remove the lid from your toilet tank by unscrewing it from its base after you have shut off the water.

Unscrew the nuts and bolts on each side of the bowl and rock the toilet gently until it pops off completely. Then, scrape off any old wax that might be stuck on the undersides of the toilet before replacing the ring.

Why it is advisable to call a plumber

Although it seems simple to undertake a toilet wax ring replacement project yourself, it can be challenging. Also, many homeowners do not have the time or inclination to fix the wax ring issue themselves, so it is advisable to call a plumber. Experienced master plumbers can replace or repair these vital parts within a couple of hours, ensuring you have a functional and leak-free toilet to use.

Final Words

Also, they provide other essential plumbing services like drain cleaning, faucet repair or replacement, sewage pipe replacement, water heater installation, water treatment services, etc. Ultimately, a reliable plumbing professional is an asset to homeowners as they ensure faultless plumbing systems in all possible residential and commercial buildings.


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