BathroomTransform Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Oasis With These Ideas

Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Oasis With These Ideas

You may need to renovate if you have bought a new house or moved to a new rental unit. Your bathroom should be the first place to make changes. Make it your haven, where you relax and destress after a tough day at work.

You see how people love going to the spa to relax and be pampered; you can also have the same at home by creating a spa-like bathroom. Below are some renovation ideas that will help you convert your bathroom into your little haven, making every day a spa day.


If your bathroom is small, you’d need to knock down a wall to make it bigger. This gives plenty of room to move around and install other essential features, such as shelves, vanity, or a bench. And if it’s a rental, you can create space by decluttering and only retaining essential items.


You can make your bathroom look new and modern by either regrouting or changing your bathroom tiles. You choose to use hardwood tiles. Work with an expert so that they can recommend the best tiles for a spa-like bathroom. And ensure that the restroom is cleaned daily.


What spells spa day better than a bathtub? Consider installing a bathtub if you have plenty of space in your bathroom. This will ensure that you can soak for an hour as you unwind. If you have a view, place the bathtub by the window for a spa-like aesthetic.

And the best part about a bathtub is that you can maximize the use of your bath bombs and essential oils. And on days when you need alone time, you can arrange snacks and wine on a caddy and strategically place it. The caddies come in various colors and styles; choose the one that compliments your theme.

You can splurge on double showerheads if it’s a rental with no space for a bathtub. This ensures that you and your partner can shower at the same time without having to take turns. Also, invest in a full hydrotherapy shower set with a thermostatic showerhead and a handheld unit for comfort and flexibility.

Add a Rug

The dry section of your bathroom floor should never stay bare. Make your floor cozy and add comfort with plush rugs. They ensure you don’t step on the cold bathroom tiles after your bath. Choose a highly absorbent rug, as it prevents mold and bacteria growth.

Decorative Lighting

Nothing makes a place shine like having a suitable lighting scheme. Use artificial lighting if you don’t have plenty of natural light coming in through the window. You can install pendant lighting, making the room airy and fresh. Ensure the lights have an option where you can dim them. This is because, on those days when you need to relax, bright lights do the opposite, so being able to dim them is pretty necessary.

Add a Seating Bench

Sometimes you want to relax after your bath before coming out. Therefore, having a place to sit as you read a magazine or wait to dry off is essential. Your partner can also accompany you as they sit and converse with you. It can be a small stool or a permanent bench with storage compartments below.

Floating Vanity

Installing a floating vanity in your bathroom makes it look fancy. It also gives your bathroom a modern feel since traditional vanities are grounded. Therefore have an expert install it and choose colors that complement your bathroom theme. For example, if it’s an all-white bathroom, having wooden vanity with traces of gold accent gives your bathroom a luxurious appeal.

Add Plants

Plants give your bathroom a natural and earthy appeal. So, you can add some hanging plants, such as the spider or Boston fern, by the window. We chose these plants because they need little light to thrive.

Plush Bath Towels and Robes

Invest in plush bath towels and robes to give a luxurious appeal. As you must have observed, most spas have cozy towels and robes that make you feel pampered after your session. Ensure they are arranged on display, such as shelves and hangers for the robes. You can go a step further and invest in a towel warmer rack.

Incorporate Calming Colors

Although many love an all-white bathroom, you can incorporate calming colors. You can try decorating the bathroom with natural colors, such as blues, browns, greens, grey, or shades of beige. And try layering shades of the same color to give it a cohesive outlook. Finally, add rich wood tones to make your space bold and edgy.

Upgrade Your Toilertries

Invest in luxury toiletries and reward yourself with a home spa experience. This ranges from bath bombs, washcloths, bath mats, and other utilities. Ensure that the bath mat is soft and fluffy, making you feel like you are walking on clouds.

If you don’t have the budget for luxury items, you can package your regular toiletries aesthetically. For instance, if your soap, shampoo, and conditioner come in a standard container, consider buying pretty bottles and transferring them. You can also purchase clear jars to hold your sponges and other essential items like cotton and earbuds.

Install Shelves and Mirrors

Shelves keep your bathroom organized. You can buy trays for organizing your items on the shelves. You can design the shelves so they are hidden in the wall, with their doors acting as mirrors. And as we all know, a bathroom is not complete without having reflective surfaces, so make a point of installing mirrors strategically.

Calming scents

You can make a point of adding scented candles in the bathroom. They enhance the ambiance and ensure you are relaxed and destressed as you bathe. You can also place a diffuser filled with the essential oil of your choice on the vanity.

Final Thoughts

We all go to the spa to be pampered. What if you could have all that experience in the comfort of your home, saving you time and tons of money? Using the abovementioned ideas, take on the project to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

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