FurnitureHow to Create a Vintage Gold Finish On Modern Furniture?

How to Create a Vintage Gold Finish On Modern Furniture?

A vintage gold home finish looks great with the right furniture. However, your stylish and modern furniture might not blend well with the vintage decor you wish to have, especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

But do not worry yet; you can distress and add a vintage gold look to your modern furniture with just the appropriate paint and the right procedure.

Want to know how you can achieve this? Read through this comprehensive guide to learn everything you should do to go about it.

Vintage Gold Finish Defined

A vintage gold finish is a combination of paint application and other painting methods that leave an aged gold finish. Generally, a vintage gold look tends to be warmer than modern gold, less yellow and reddish brown in color.

Most people concentrate on safety of their homes and forget to update the look of their furniture. Whether you have a metallic or wooden furniture, you can five them a gold finish with these simple steps.

Steps for Creating a Rustic Gold Finish on Modern Furniture

Having known what a vintage gold finish is, let’s discuss the steps you should follow below;

1. Sand and Clean the Modern Furniture

Lightly sand the furniture surface if it is unfinished. You will need to perform a deep sanding if you are working on a pre-painted or polyurethane-treated surface. Start with a medium-grit sandpaper and then follow with a fine-grit one to achieve a smooth surface.

As you do this, ensure the sharp edges are softened to reduce the chances of injuries when painting. After sanding, wipe the furniture with a clean towel or cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt from sanding.

2. Make Use of Solid Wood Pieces

Solid wood pieces are always a great option to create a vintage look on your modern furniture. Wood laminates and veneers are also a great option for this. When applied as paint, these painting techniques usually confuse people with real paint.

While it is advisable to sand solid woods properly using a lot of strength, you need to be more gentle on laminate and veneer surfaces.

3. Apply the Right Painting Procedure

Painting allows you to create your required finish for any modern furniture without any physical damage. For a vintage gold look, a dedicated gold or brass spray paint is usually considered the best option.

As usual, scuff the furniture lightly using high-quality sandpaper for improved adhesion. And don’t forget the use of a primer before painting the surface.

To get a layered antique look, paint your modern furniture with at least two or more paint coats in different colors. Then, scrape through the layers with sandpaper and chip away the small patches using a paint scraper.

Crackle painting is another good way to achieve a vintage look on modern furniture. This is a process where one paint evenly coats the furniture and is then followed by crackling elements.

The crackle element is a clear, water-based material formulated to create small cracks on the final finish to reveal the base coat.

Types of Gold Paint You Can Use on Modern Wood Furniture

You can use different gold paints on wood furniture, but the ones discussed below are the common ones.

· Acrylic and gold leaf

Acrylic paints is one of the great ways of adding accents and details to different surfaces including the modern furniture. When applied with a paintbrush, you can highlight different areas and add lines with ease. If you want a glossy look, you can go for gold leaf, which offers the same outcome as acrylic paint but with a beautiful, shiny finish.

· Chalk-based paint

The choice of using this type of paint depends mainly on the requirements of your project. But this paint offers some great versatility features. One major advantage of this paint is that it gets on the surfaces thick while also providing a distressed look; therefore, you require less preparation or primer to cover the furniture.

· Metallic Spray Paints

If you want to add a vintage gold finish to your modern furniture with metallic gold paint, then the spray paint one is the best option as it will help you finish the work faster and easier. The only disadvantage of spray paint is that they don’t last longer based on how the furniture will be used. For instance, a coffee table or chair is not ideal for spray painting.


There you have it! All you need to do to create a vintage gold finish on any modern furniture. While we know it is always not an easy thing to achieve, it is not impossible. If you follow the steps discussed in this post, you will have success in creating a rustic look for your modern furniture.

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