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Maximizing Space in Your Home: Tips for Small Home Renovation

Living in a small home comes with many benefits, and with proper organization, even quite a limited space can fulfill all the functions of a much larger residence. When it comes to the renovation of smaller houses and apartments, you must be resourceful every step of the way in order to make the most out of the given square footage. Before you begin redesigning a small home, consider one of the following tricks that can make the space look bigger and more functional.

6 Creative Ways to Renovate Small Home to Maximise Space

1. Be Creative with Storage Space

As an owner of a small home, you should do your best to turn every little piece of unused space into a storage unit. For instance, the space under the stairs is an ideal spot where you can install shelves, cabinets, or drawers. Next, consider hanging all your cookware on wall-mounted units. Also, avoid using bulky storage pieces that take up too much room, and opt for built-in bookcases and floating shelves instead. Basically, be strategic about it and try to find all the spots where you can fit a convenient storage unit. Think outside the box and consider using empty walls, the area above the doors, and under beds and couches.

2. Go for Sliding Walls

Even though hinged walls are a standard practice we’re all used to, they take up more space than innovative sliding walls. In fact, installing a sliding wall is one of the most practical decisions you can make. Depending on what you need at any given moment, the wall can either give you some privacy when closed, or it can create an illusion of a much bigger space when slid open.

3. Install a Shower Bath

The bathroom is your place to relax, and its size should not prevent you from getting a cozy bathtub where you can unwind. Thanks to the availability of smaller shower baths when space is limited, you aren’t hampered by the diminutive scale of the room to execute your ideas. You can still have a convenient shower where you can hop in when you’re in a hurry. Shower baths come in different shapes and sizes, including corner, drop-in, freestanding, and clawfoot baths.

4. Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you’re dealing with a tiny space, every piece of furniture needs to serve a specific purpose, and if it can complete more than one function, that’s even better. First, look for furniture that also acts as a storage unit. Next, include as many portable and foldable pieces as you can so that unnecessary furniture can be moved out of sight when it’s not needed. For example, you can get a floating coffee table that doesn’t take up too much space as it is or a wheeled storage cart that you can move around as you wish. Also consider getting a disappearing desk which is essentially a shelf that you can pull out and turn into a workspace, and a fold-out dining table that tucks into a counter or a cabinet when it’s not in use.

5. Reduce Color Contrast

If you opt for a subtle, neutral colour palette throughout your home, you can create an illusion of a more spacious living area. On the contrary, if you go for a combination of dark and light colours that are in contrast with each other, you will see how they tend to define the borders between two different spaces, emphasizing the limits of each room. Using simple, clean lines and similar shades in all parts of your home creates a seamless transition between separate areas which makes the entire space look brighter and larger.

6. Add Space with Reflection

Another trick that can make a room look bigger lies in the strategic use of mirrors. If you place mirrors in a small room, they will bounce the light which is an effect that can double the perceived size of the space. On top of that, beautiful mirrors and metallic surfaces reflect the light which helps illuminate the space with both natural and artificial lighting, making it brighter and more visually appealing.

Final Words

No matter how small your living space may be, it can surely benefit from smart planning and strategic organization. Before you jump into a renovation project, make a plan to include some of the tips you’ve just learned and get one step closer to feeling like you own a much more spacious and luxurious home.

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