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7 DIY Storage Ideas to Keep an Organized Home

Organization is essential to keeping a tidy home. For many Americans, we’re drowning in ‘stuff,’ and we’re buying bigger homes to keep it all contained. In fact, according to the LA Times, the average American household has more than 300,000 items.

The cost of buying additional organizational products to stay on top of all the clutter is another significant expense. But for those who have a little ingenuity, there are dozens of do-it-yourself (DIY) options that can help keep things organized with fewer costs.

For example, it takes minimal handiwork to use common and affordable materials like PVC pipe fittings which are sold as plumbing supplies, to create a variety of organizational solutions for the home.

Here are a few ideas that almost anyone with a hand saw or miter saw can pull off.

1. Bathroom Organizers

From a functional stand to hold hair styling tools like hair dryers and curling wands to simple cylindrical tubes to keep toothbrushes off the counter, there are many ways to use PVC pipe fittings to keep the bathroom tidy.

These PVC organizers are the perfect solution for bathrooms. They’re non-porous and easy to clean. Plus, most plumbing supplies come in neutral colors like white or gray that fit nicely with most decor schemes. For a little more flair–consider adding vinyl decals that stick well to the non-porous surface to monogram or decorate the plain PVC.

2. Pencil or Craft Caddy Made from PVC Pipe Fittings

Plumbing supplies tend to be cylindrical, much like cups or coffee cans which makes them a natural fit for vessels to hold things. The only difference is that PVC pipes are sold in lengths of long tubes. They are, however, fairly easy to cut to length.

For smaller diameter tubes, use a PVC pipe cutter–a special tool designed to slice through this material. For larger diameter tubes, use a hand saw or miter saw to get a clean, efficient cut. By cutting and gluing various sections of pipe, you can configure a pencil or craft caddy to organize your supplies.

For a stationary caddy that sits on an art desk to hold a variety of colored pencils or markers, cut several sections of pipe that are equal to the length of the pens or pencils. Then, arrange the tubes on their sides and glue them together.

3. DIY Drawer Organizers

If you’re tired of digging through a mess of socks or stockings stuffed in a drawer, consider a DIY solution to keeping these areas organized using PVC pipe fittings. Take a 4-inch diameter PVC plumbing grade pipe and cut it into four-inch sections and arrange it inside your drawer in a honeycomb pattern to create a number of smaller spaces.

When cutting PVC pipe to create custom organizers, use a little lubrication to help the blade of your saw cut through the material. A simple product, like WD40, will make the cut easier, reducing friction and the likelihood of breaking a blade.

4. Headband Holder

If you have little girls around, chances are that you have a lot of headbands that you aren’t quite sure how to store. This is another area where PVC comes to the rescue. Smaller diameter pipes fitted with a variety of corner and knuckle joints can easily be fashioned into a rack to hold almost anything, ranging from towels to hairbows and headbands.

For the hard-to-store headbands, take your rack one step further and use a section of six-inch PVC pipe to add a large-diameter cylinder to one or more rungs. This cylinder shape is perfect for holding a large collection of headbands.

5. PVC Pipe Shoe Wall

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to store dozens of pairs of shoes–keeping them off the mudroom floor, PVC pipe fittings offer a durable, easy-to-clean solution that holds up a lot better than anything you might buy in the store.

Since shoes see a lot of dirt, mud, rocks, and moisture, PVC is actually an ideal material for shoe shelving. Choose a 6-8-inch diameter pipe cut into 16-inch sections. For a finished look, lightly sand any burrs off the cut edges of the pipes before stacking them together horizontally and fastening them to the wall. Each tube provides an individual cubby for a pair of shoes.

6. Poolside Towel Tree (or Pool Toy Organizer)

Another great idea is a PVC organizer to wrangle poolside organization. If you have a modern pool at home, then you know how hard it is to keep everything that goes with it clean, dry, and off the ground.

While you might find a variety of commercial organizers designed for use by the pool, PVC offers added durability that is great for high-moisture areas–something that natural materials like wood can’t compete with. Use a one-inch pipe with joints to build a free-standing towel rack, or make your design a little more complex and create a rack to hold floats and noodles as well.

7. Garage Storage

When it comes to purposeful, functional storage, PVC plumbing supplies are a good choice. Instead of spending thousands on garage storage solutions that are durable enough to put up with heavy use, consider creating your own storage pieces using highly durable PVC.

In the garage, you can use this pipe to create tool holders, shoe racks, and outdoor equipment organizers. In many cases, these holders can be as simple as sections of spare tubes cut off and screwed to the wall to hold rakes, shovels, drills, and much more.

The Takeaway on DIY Storage Ideas for Your Home

Keeping your stuff well-organized doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, a little scrap material from another project can be just the ticket to solving your biggest housekeeping problems. We’ve shared a handful of DIY home storage projects that you can tackle with PVC plumbing supplies that will give you long-lasting, durable storage that is suitable indoors and out.

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