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Perfect Design Ideas for Your Pennsylvania Park Model Cabin

There’s truly no more beautiful state than Pennsylvania, which is far vaster and wilder than many think. Spanning from Lake Erie, to the Appalachian Mountains, to the Atlantic Ocean, this state has breathtaking variety in its topography and culture. Vast areas of unspoiled woodland, like the Allegany National Forest and the Appalachian Trail, contrast wonderfully with bustling cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

It’s no wonder that there are sample places in Pennsylvania to purchase a rustic park model cabin, which can be nestled in a mountain glen or settled amongst endless pines. A park model cabin is the perfect solution for those who want a private getaway but don’t wish to plan and organize contractors to build a log cabin themselves: park model cabins are a turnkey option, which means all you have to do is select the model and tell them where to place it for utilities hookups.

Since it’s so convenient, you can focus entirely on creating a warm, cozy environment inside your park model cabin with great interior design. Here are some suggestions for how to decorate your little slice of heaven in the Pennsylvania woods.

Go for a Vintage Look

Pennsylvania is rich in history, as Philadelphia is the location of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It seems everywhere you look in Pennsylvania, you come across another significant part of American history, which means that choosing vintage decor will help your park model cabin feel like it truly belongs in this venerable state.

Since “vintage” and “antique” cover many different eras and styles, it’s important to consider exactly what era you’d like to embody when going for a vintage look, as each one emphasizes different color palettes and different types of art. Farmhouse and pioneer would look wonderful in a park model cabin, as they are rustic styles which focus on natural materials – just like a log cabin does.

Strive for Minimalism

It’s tempting to stuff your beautiful cabin with all manner of little knick-knacks, but remember that this is a smaller space than a normal home: it’s a log cabin, and so everything in it should really have a place there. Decorations should be chosen for maximum impact, and you should consider multifunctional furniture, like a fold-out couch for when guests visit.

One great way you can save space but also keep your cabin beautiful is to look for decorations that can also serve a purpose; for example, if you’re going for a farmhouse look, you might find an antique wall-mounted bottle opener. That’s one less thing you have to keep in the cabinet, and it will also look lovely when combined with other decor.

When decorating, focus more on the vertical space than the floor space, as you can get away with a lot more when everything’s hung on the walls. Choose one or two really great paintings for each area of the cabin and center your decor around that, especially if it’s something that really speaks to you and “sparks joy,” as famous organizer Marie Kondo would say.

Choose Furniture and Decorations With Natural Materials

Let’s just be honest: most plastic and particleboard furniture would look very strange in a log cabin, which is meant to transport you to a different and simpler time. As such, choose furniture made of wood or metal, preferably wood in the same shades as the home itself. Rough-hewn furniture or heavy farmhouse accessories look great in a cabin, and they are made to last.

Though these pieces can be expensive, you can often find great pieces at second-hand stores like Restore, which is a charity shop that benefits Habitat for Humanity. Not only will you get a great deal on your home goods, but you’ll also be helping a great cause!

Of course, the most natural decoration you can have are some beautiful houseplants. Hanging planters are a great way to free up space without sacrificing the soothing presence of a great plant. Trailing plants, such as String of Pearls or Elephant Plants, look amazing when hung up – and they’re much happier that way, too!

Final thoughts

There’s nothing more exciting than having your very own log cabin, a private place where you can really enjoy all that Pennsylvania has to offer. It can be daunting to think about having to build a whole log cabin by yourself, but you don’t need to: park model cabins are a turnkey solution that allow you to get right to the delight of decorating your rustic hideaway. For maximum effect, consider vintage influences, focus on only a few amazing pieces of furniture or decor, and go for natural materials to emphasize all that makes a log cabin such a special place to relax.

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