GeneralHow To Clean The Living Room Fast Properly?

How To Clean The Living Room Fast Properly?

Living in a huge house is all fun and delightful until it comes to cleaning the house. And if you don’t keep the house clean, it’ll reflect badly on you. The most difficult but crucial part is cleaning the living room as a guest who comes to our house first enters our living room and the living room is usually bigger in size than other rooms of the house.

But if you know some smart ways to clean the living room fast you’ll find the job rather easy. Every job becomes easier when you know the right way to do it and when it comes to cleaning the living room fast, it’s the most efficient way. So let’s take a glance at some feasible ways to clean the living room fast.

1. Start With Renovations

It would be best if you finish the necessary renovations before you start cleaning the living room. You may need to renovate your living room for various unavoidable reasons. Finish changing what you need to change in the living room permanently and take the help of construction cleaning services to clean up the mess after renovation work.

If you suddenly decide to renovate after cleaning the living room thoroughly, then you’ll have to go through the cleaning hassle again. That’ll not be convenient for you so it’s better to finalize if you want any renovations before cleaning the living room.

2. Arrange A Helping Hand

If your living room is massive, then it would be best if you arrange a helping hand for you because it’ll be cumbersome for you to clean the whole living room alone. But don’t just book any cleaner for your house cleaning, book someone from a registered online site like Mastermaid who will provide you with trusted and expert cleaners.

Keeping a helping hand will fasten the procedure of cleaning not only the living room but the whole house and a professional cleaner will be able to clean your house in the most polished way.

3. Make Your Floor Glisten

Starting with cleaning the floor is more convenient. You can make your entire floor glisten by moping it with the right ingredients which will clean even the hardest specks of dirt from your floor.

First, vacuum the floor and leave any dirt particles anywhere. Then take a bucket, pour some water, and mix it with a quarter cup of pH-neutral soap. Then mop the whole floor using a microfiber mop that cleans the floor faster than other mops.

If there are any stubborn stains on your floor scrub them with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. After scrubbing, leave that mixture on the stain for 10 minutes, then wipe it out.

4. Wash The Carpets And Rugs

If you can’t see the real color of carpets and rugs, then it is time to clean them. You might need to call a professional to clean your carpets and rugs as they are pretty hard to clean. You can also do it by yourself by renting cleaning machines. Make sure to rent a machine with an upholstery attachment.

But if your carpets and rugs are not heavily soiled then you can clean them with the vacuum machine only and also by scrubbing.

5. Dust All The Furniture In The Living Room

Usually, living rooms are filled with various pieces of furniture. You need to dust clean all of them neatly. Start with smaller ones like chairs, stools, cabinets, the coffee table, etc. After dusting them, wipe them with a cleaning liquid to make them shine.

You can dry clean the sofa if it’s heavily soiled and has rough stains on it. Take out the cushion covers and wash them carefully. Empty the bookshelf and dust all the books one by one and wipe the whole bookshelf. Take down all the curtains and clean them. If the curtains are damaged in any way, then it would be best if you replaced them with new ones.

6. Don’t Forget To Wipe Windows

Your windows might get heavily grubby behind the curtains. Make sure to clean them nicely. In fact, I would suggest you clean the windows of the living room every day as they get dirty pretty quickly.

You have to wipe the glass windows properly. First, spray the window with a glass cleaner then wipe it with a lint-free paper towel or a microfiber cloth. Wipe the whole window from top to bottom and if you see any stains after cleaning, then give them another wipe and don’t stop until the window is fully clear.


Living in a house that is not clean is very unhealthy and if you have children then you shouldn’t skip cleaning the house at any cost as children get exposed to harmful diseases quickly.

Cleaning the living room from time to time is more important as it’s the most crucial part of your house. You may find it tiresome to clean the living room again and again but if you follow the steps that I’ve described, you can finish the job faster.

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