AppliancesGE Dishwasher Not Starting Just Beeping? Things Need to Fix

GE Dishwasher Not Starting Just Beeping? Things Need to Fix

It can be frustrating when you have piles of dirty dishes to wash, and your GE dishwasher is not starting for whatever reason. You might also face this problem, especially when you are new to the device you bought.

However, You can fix it just by knowing the main causes behind this issue. This article has been compiled to help you to troubleshoot and show you common reasons why your GE dishwasher won’t start. If your GE dishwasher doesn’t work, but the display lights are on and sound when you press a button, this guide will definitely solve your problem.

Why is My GE Dishwasher Not Starting?

1. Your Power is Disconnected

Your dishwasher will not start if there is no power. So, check the back of the machine to make sure it’s plugged in. You can skip this step if the dishwasher tackle is attached. The next step is to make sure you don’t trip your breaker.

Open your dishwasher and plug commodities differently into it, similar to a lamp. You should check the power outlet itself. If the light is on, you know the outlet is working.

When you press a button, you should hear an audible beep, letting you know it has been turned on. However, If you can’t find any of these things, there is a good chance the dishwasher needs power. Below are some reasons for the power failure.

There may have been an electrical swell that tripped the circuit swell. The power cable itself may fail. The power cord has been accidentally knocked over and is not seated correctly. A fuse may have blown.

2. Faulty Water Supply

If your dishwasher is not starting, you should first check its water supply connections. Ensure your water shut-off valve under your sink is all the way up. If so, you must check for any problems with your home’s main water supply.

Due to faulty water supply, in case your water shut-off valve is closed, As a result, your dishwasher cannot start because of a lack of water. You may require a professional plumber to resolve the water supply in your home if you don’t have any idea.

3. Your Dishwasher is Leaking

Some GE dishwashers come with a leak-protection system consisting of a small pan on the bottom of the appliance. The blade holds up to 19 ounces, which will dematerialize over time.

A large leaky pan will tilt forward and spill onto the kitchen floor. This way, it doesn’t leak behind the machine and cause sudden damage to your home. Some more advanced models come with a humidity sensor and alert function.

When the system detects a leak, it automatically stops the washing cycle and drains the remaining water. In this case, you must have dishwasher service.

4. Door Switch

Generally, the door switch is a safety device mainly used to prevent the dishwasher from operating while the door is open. This switch is a part of the control panel near the door. If the button is not working, the dishwasher cannot start.

So, How to check the door switch?

Open the dishwasher door and look for a button on the control panel. After that, press the button and then close your dishwasher door.

If the dishwasher does not start yet, press the button again. If the dishwasher has not started, you must replace your door switch.

Replacing the door switch is quite simple to repair. It can take about 15 minutes, and you can do it yourself. To do that, You can follow the steps mentioned below.

Unplug the dishwasher and turn off your water supply for a while.Disconnect all the wire that connects to the door switch.

Remove all of the screws holding the door panel in place. Connect the wires to the new switch, replace the door panel, and screw it into place.

Then turn on the water supply and plug- in the dishwasher. Try to run a test cycle to ensure the dishwasher is working correctly.

5. Defective Drive Motor

The drive motor is what turns your dishwasher into spray arms. Check whether the engine is getting power if your dishwasher is not starting. If it doesn’t get any electricity, you need to replace it.

One of the most common reasons for a drive motor not working is that it has burned out. This can often happen if the dishwasher is overloaded and tries to run a cycle with too much water.

First, you need to disconnect the dishwasher from power to replace the drive motor. Then, remove the access panel from the bottom of the dishwasher.

Try to locate the drive motor and unplug it from its electrical connection. Remove the mounting screws holding the motor, then pull out your old engine.

Install the new motor in reverse order and ensure the electrical connections are connected. Try to run a test cycle to make sure everything is working correctly.

6. Main Control Board

If your dishwasher won’t start, you have to check the main control board as well. This part contains the start button, timer controls and other key components. If any of these are not working properly, this could explain why your dishwasher is not starting.

There are several reasons why the main control board may fail. Firstly, the srta button itself can be a big problem. In case your button is damaged or even stuck, it will not be able to send the signal to start the dishwasher.

In addition, the control panel board may be faulty. If it is not working properly it won’t be able to send right signals to other parts of the dishwasher.

Replacing a faulty main control board is usually quite simple. In most cases, you will be able to find the correct replacements part by searching your dishwasher model number.

Once you get the new control board, all you have to do is remove the old one and install the new one in its place. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can call a professional appliance repair technician.

How To fix GE Dishwasher not Starting Problem?

As you can see, most of the reasons why a GE dishwasher is not starting is due to user error or minor components failure. Fortunately, these are all relatively easy problems to fix, so let’s look at how to fix these problems.

1. Restore Power to the Dishwasher

Strat by checking the breaker to make sure nothing is tripped. And then, check to make sure the power cable is not loose and is properly seated.

If both of these things are okay, the power cable may be broken, or the fuse may be blown, so you should replace the power cable with a new one.

2. Check the Water is Working or Not

First you can visually inspect the water lines to make sure these are no leaks or kinks that would impede the flow of water to the rotating dishwasher.

Then you should check the water valve and make sure it is turned on. Especially, if you have recently done plumbing work in your home, this valve will normally be closed, and it is easy to forget to turn it back on.

If water does not flow after doing this, this may indicate that the water inlet valve has gone bad, in this case, you must contact GE for a replacement.

3. Ensure the Door is Closed

If the door does not close completely, you will need to rearrange the dishes to allow it to close completely. Once the door is securely latched, you should hear a definite ‘click’ sound.

Don’t be afraid to remove some dishes to allow the door to close. Although you need to wash two batches of dishes, the machine will not turn on unless the door is closed.

4. Reset the Wash Cycle Setting

When incorrect, wash cycle settings have been input. It will appear that the dishwashers cannot start. While you can go through these settings to adjust them manually, often, it is easier to reset cycle options to default settings so you know it works and then go from there.

To do this, you can hold the ‘Reset’ button for a few seconds, which will completely reset to factory values.

If that does not work, or you don’t want to reset everything, you can following mentioined steps to do it manually

Start by changing the cycle mode from ‘Quick Wash’ or ‘Turbo’ to regular cycle.

Change the water temperature to another setting. For example if it is currency set to warm, change it to hot or vice versa.

Set the dry level to medium and the dry timer for about 10 minutes which is a nice middle ground between an adequate wash and dry cycle.

Make sure washing aid and dishwasher detergent are topped up.

5. Fix the Broken Door Latch

If the door does not close, this may indicate a broken door latch. The nature of this component and the automatic unlatching feature means that it is quite difficult to diagnose and fix yourself.

You can also contact GE support, who will help you source a replacement latching mechanism and also arrange for an authorised service technician to come and install it for you.

Do I Need Professional Help to Fix This GE Dishwasher Issue?

GE dishwashers not working doesn’t always mean it breaks or needs replacement. By following our troubleshooting steps, you can quickly fix the problem. Indeed, it is a common issue that comes with years of use. In most cases, improving the water supply and power cycle and reset can fix the functional issue.

Still, you may need professional help if the problem is mechanical. For example, your dishwasher motor loses power, or the main circuit board is damaged. In this case, technician help or replacement of the device is essential.


How to Reset a Ge Dishwasher That Won’t Start?

To reset a GE dishwasher that will not start, press the Start or Reset button and wait 120 sec. If the machine does not reset, turn on the power to the unit and wait another 30 seconds. These options are enough to reset the unit.

Why is the GE Dishwasher Beeping and Not Starting?

Your GE dishwasher is beeping and not starting, possibly due to a power surge. What you can do in this case is to reset the dishwasher and wait about three minutes for normal operation to resume.

Why Does GE Dishwasher Fill but Not Washing?

As previously mentioned, this problem can be attributed to a dirty dishwasher, filter or a broken soap dispenser. Make sure you clean your dishwasher regularly, including the filter. Not maintaining your appliance is the most common reason why a dishwasher can leave behind dirty dishes.


Reputable dishwasher brands like GE generally have a good track record when it comes to reliability, but things don’t always go as planned. If your GE dishwasher is not starting, there are a few things you can try to fix this Issue by following above mentioned solutions. Hopefully, one of these solutions will fix your dishwasher so you can use it again. Otherwise, you are recommended to get professional service from your local.

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