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A Homeowner’s Guide To Air To Air Heat Pumps : Things to Know

As of 2020, the number of US households that used heat pumps for heating purposes was almost eighteen million. These homeowners are chilled during summer and kept warm during winter by their electric HVAC system.

Air to air heat pumps can be a great alternative to heating sources that utilize fossil fuels or other environmentally damaging means.

How Do Air Heat Pumps Work?

Air to air heat pumps are included in the umbrella category of air source heat pumps (ASHP). In summary, ASHP’s extract heat energy from the air outside and use it as an energy source to produce hot or cold air inside your home.

These can be a split system in which the fan is located externally, and the heat exchanger and compressor are internally within the home, or a monobloc system where the main components are combined in one unit.

The system that you choose would depend on what suits your home best. Find out more about these units, and gather all our expert knowledge before making any decisions on your future air to air heat pump on GreenMatch.

Is An Air To Air Heat Pump Right For Me?

Air to air heat pumps can require designated space outside; for example, most systems are located externally with a minimum of a meter clearance radius. The outdoor unit cannot be placed within a meter of the household’s boundaries or in any area where foliage may impact its performance.

Details like this can impact your decision on installing an air to air heat pump in your home, as these requirements often mean that either semi-detached or fully detached houses are best suited.

With global sales growing by 11% across 2022, heat pumps, in general, are becoming more and more popular!

Are you looking for a quick change in how you heat your home? Air source heat pumps can be installed in two days if all processes run smoothly. This is because the units are located above ground and, unlike ground source heat pumps, don’t require any excavation that can prolong the change.

Are Air Heat Pumps Reliable?

With some models capable of working with optimized efficiency for up to 25 years, air to air heat pumps are a reliable option for your home. The system makes fuel storage obsolete and produces an easily-installed heating option.

Apart from an annual servicing, air to air heat pumps require very little maintenance, meaning you don’t need to worry about them!

What Benefits Do Air Source Heat Pumps Offer?

We’ve already discussed their fast installation, the little requirement for maintenance, and the long lifespan, but what else do they have to offer your home?

  • Financial Savings: Depending on which heating system you are switching from in installing an air source heat pump, your household could see a dramatic decrease in energy bills. Homeowners can save up to £780 annually with even more significant savings potential when replacing coal or electric systems.
  • Low Carbon Emissions: Air to air heat pumps are a renewable home heating alternative. Switching will minimize your environmental impact and lower your carbon footprint.
  • High SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance): Air source heat pumps are efficient in heating or cooling your home in both the summer and winter due to their high SCOP.

Heat Pumps in the US

Air source heat pumps are globally recognized as the best technology to allow for the decarbonization of heating. This is reflected in their growth in the primary heating markets, primarily in Europe, North America, and Asia.

In the United States, heat pump sales increased by 15% in 2021, the second largest increase globally.

The Inflation Reduction Act

Often referred to as one of the most significant pieces of legislation to impact climate change in US history, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 details programs, funding, and incentives that will push for the transition to clean energy across businesses and homes.

As a US homeowner, you may wonder which of these incentives will apply to you. With most of the act’s provisions becoming effective at the start of 2023, the Air Source Heat Pump Tax Credit means that you can claim back 30% of the project cost. You can also gain up to $2,000 on air source heat pumps purchased and installed during 2023.

Rebates and tax credits such as these are a great incentive and opportunity to receive financial aid while making the change to renewable energy.

Conclusion – Are Air to Air Heat Pumps Good for Home Heating?

Heating your home should be simple, low maintenance, and efficient so you can focus your attention and money on other areas of your life. Air to air heat pumps are a great energy choice providing efficient energy production to keep your home warm. So, in short, our answer is yes!

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