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Schlage vs Kwikset – Which Lock Brand is Better Option?

Schlage and Kwikset are the both leading lockset manufacturing companies in the USA. They are two big players in the industry capturing 95% of the lockset distributing market. Both brands have a separate fanbase for high-security keys and cylindrical locks. So, You might wonder what’s the difference between Schlage and Kwikset?

Both brands manufacture the best smart lock mechanism for their netizens. However, Schlage smart locks have a higher ANSI grade of security than the Kwikset brand. It means the Schlage lock mechanism offers better safety for your doors. On the other hand, the Kwikset brand also provides an exceptionally strong and affordable lock system for owners.

Each of them has specific features and benefits for a certain zone. Reviewers found many differences between them regarding security. In this article, we provide you 8 possible distinctions between Schlage and Kwikset lock brands. So keep reading the guide and identify what’s better suited to you.

What is Schlage?

Schlage has been an American lock manufacturing company since 1920. Walter Schlage is the founder of this leading brand. The headquarters of this company has been located in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1997.

Schlage is well known for its high-end commercial smart locks, keypads, and deadbolts. They have expert hands to manufacture high-security key and cylinder lines Primus lock mechanisms. Undoubtedly, Schlage has been one of the leading lock manufacturing brands in the USA for decades.

The brand follows milled complex keyway designs to prevent lock breakout with non-OEM keys. However, their patent lock mechanism was protected from third-party manufacturers before 2008. Still, the new design and complexity of Schlage locks are much more challenging to open with any third-party keys.

Schlage established a trusted and well-known spot to manufacture luxury door locks. Both commercial and residential properties can ensure high-end security for their homes.

What is Kwikset?

Kwikset is another leading lock and lockset manufacturer brand in the USA. Indeed this is a parent company owned by Hardware and Home Improvement Group, Spectrum Brands.

Kwikset has successfully delivered the best residential locksets for 60 years. They have the expertise to manufacture residential and light commercial markets products. For example, deadbolts, knobs, levers, pocket door accessories, and others.

Kwikset Halo, Kwikset Premis, and Kwikset Kevo are their top-selling lock systems in the market. They offer a vast line of innovative indoor and outdoor hardware sets. High-end Keyless door locks, entry locks, and deadbolt keypads have well-known capabilities among homeowners.

Their award-winning lock mechanism comes from tubular lock designs. These locksets provide excellent water, rust, and moisture resistance, making the locks durable and a hard security system. The industry says, Kwikset Obsidian is the strongest smart lock from the brand today. Affordability and prolonged security service are common features of Kwikset locks and deadbolts.

Key Differences Between Schlage vs Kwikset

Honestly, There are many security differences available between Schlage and Kwikset locks. Firstly we mentioned, a higher ANSI grade of security certification available in Schlage.

On the other, Kwikset is also a leading brand providing the best light commercial and residential locksets. Still, there are a few distinctions available in size, design, housing, and internal components in Schlage and Kwikset locks. Below are the comparisons to identify their lock system and security.

1. Forced Entry Vs Non-forced Entry

Locks help to protect homes from thieves and burglars. A lock mechanism works to secure a latch equipped inside. Using a specific key you can block and unblock the wear line in these tools.

Now burglars use different ways to unlock the door and illegally enter your room. The most common types are forced entry and non-forced entry.

Forced entry is relatively easier than the other one. As its name suggests, people use force to break or loosen the door locks. Most likely the burglars use a drill or sturdy tool to pry the door lock. In this method, your deadbolt is mostly destroyed and leaves a sign of damage.

On the other hand, non-force entry uses a small pin, or bump keys to manipulate the lock mechanism. The method takes skill and patience to unlock a deadbolt or keyways. That’s why most burglars follow forced entry for quick solutions.

Now both Schlage and Kwikset include a complex lock mechanism for that situation. But in most Schlage locks stand more strongly against these entry methods. It is possible because of their bigger bolt, strong housing, and resistant plate than the Kwikset locks.

2. Lock Housing

Lock housing is a metal part inside the mechanism. This component protects the cylinder from damage. Indeed, this is a non-movable compartment surrounding the lock mechanism. The housing allows movement to the bolt and unlocks the door. Burglars mainly target the housing to drill and get access to the lock. The stronger the housing is, the more difficult it is to break.

Schlage housing has a thick, solid metal body to protect the internal cylinder. Additionally, the compound does not leave any space surrounding the mechanism. On the other hand, Kwikset lockset housing has a lighter and hollow compartment that is easier to break than Schlage locks.

3. Bolt Size

Bolt is a vital part of every lockset. They are naturally strong and made with sturdy metallic compounds. Bolt secure the door when you lock. Size and strength are vital for bolts to lock a door securely.

Talking about Schlage lock bolts which are bigger and stronger than most Kwikset locks. It means, Schlage locks effectively prevent the door from jiggling, prying open, and force-entry.

4. Drill Resistant Plate

After the bolt, the drill-resistant plate is another vital part of a lockset. This is a thin metal plate located in front of the lock. As its name suggests, the component prevents drilling and other force entry methods. Resistant plates mainly protect the housing and screws that hold the lock mechanism.

Schlage locks are nearly impossible to break. Thanks to their strong drill-resistant plate in front of the cylinder and housing. That’s why the lockset is hard to drill or break quickly. On the other hand, Kwikset locks do not contain any drill restaurant plate near the housing. So it’s easier to break the lock mechanism.

5. Screw Size

The size and strength of the screws also determine the security of a lockset. Many burglars target this equipment to drill or break using pry tools. That’s how the lock easily falls from the door frame and gives intruders easy access to the bolt.

Now things are not the same in the Schlage lockset. Indeed these locks contain drill-resistant plates that protect the screws. Additionally, their screws are much larger and stronger by themselves. If the burglars break through the resistant plate, they still need time to break strong screws equipped with Schlage deadbolts.

Compared with Kwikset locks where a resistant plate is not installed and the screws are also very short and thick. It means they are easy to drill and break through the door.

6. Cylinder Tolerance

Some burglars are trained professionals who follow a non-forced method to break through the lock mechanism. Picking the lock is a popular technique to unlock a door without drill or damage. On this occasion, burglars use small metal tools to manipulate the lock mechanism.

Indeed, this is possible to unlock any deadbolts using the picking method. No Manufacturers design 100% precious and flawless lock systems in their production. Every deadbolt has minor space in the cylinder and housing. That’s why the locks tend to rotate a little bit even when it’s locked. This rotation is called Cylinder Tolerance in locksets. Here come the non-forced entry methods to manipulate the system using such loopholes.

However, the Schlage lockset has less cylinder tolerance and an excellent security pin mechanism. This system makes the locks difficult to break through using non-forced entry. In the Kwikset lockset, cylinder tolerance is higher making them easy to pass.

7. Security pins

Security pins play a vital role to restrict lock picking, bumping, and other manipulation ways to unlock a door knob. These pins are updated versions of driver or key pins in a pin tumbler. The general rule is, a higher number of security pins offer greater security than the lower ones.

Schlage locksets use four security pins in the system which are called spool pins. On the other hand, kwikset uses only two pins in the pin tumblers. So Schlage provides better protection from professional burglars who tend to use non-forced entry.

8. Price

Till now you understand, Schlage offers better quality and security systems in their locksets. That’s why the cost of these deadbolts is higher than the same category kwikset locks.

For example, a standard Schlage lock price is around $30 while kwikset will charge half of the price for the same category lockset.

9. Alarm option

This is a minor difference available between Schlage and kwikset lockset. If you have smart deadbolts from the Schlage brand, you will not worry about burglars.

Indeed these smart locks have an in-built alarm system that notifies you when someone manipulates your lock system. In most kwikset smart models, this feature is not available for users.

Is Schlage More Reliable than Kiwiset?

Now You can understand, Schlage lockset offers a higher security mechanism than kwikset. Both forced entry and non-forced entry can be prevented using Schlage locks. This brand manufactures some of the precious and strongest lock mechanisms in their deadbolts or locks.

Additional restaurant plates, two extra security pins, long and sturdy screws are the common facilities you can expect in Schlage locksets. That’s why the brand has huge respect for commercial and residential building locks.

On the other hand, kwikset only relies on their price and decent security features for homes. The brand also provides exceptional deadbolts and smart locks than many other lock brands except Schlage. So if your budget is tight go for this brand. But if you value the security of your home more than the expense, Schlage is a great choice for you.

Conclusion – Which is Better Choice?

In conclusion Schlage deadbolts offer a higher security mechanism than the Kwikset brand. The complexity and sturdy design of Schlage locks restrict all kinds of destructive entry into your home. But, it is somewhat expensive and worth it for great security. Kwikset is a budget-friendly lockset brand offering decent security for residences too.

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