Meet Miss Warner Robins 2015, Betty Cantrell

This past Summer at the Miss Georgia pageant I had the wonderful opportunity in meeting Betty Cantrell. In the pageant world you often here the word “newbie.” Betty was “newbie” at Miss Georgia this year, but she had the confidence in herself to show everyone what she was made of. With great results with second runner up at Miss Georgia this year, she is preparing her next step in going back as Miss Warner Robins.


Title: Miss Warner Robins
Age: 20
Talent:  Vocal: opera/musical theatre
School: Mercer University-music education major with emphasis on vocal performance.

What made you decide to compete in your first pageant? Some of the Miss Warner Robins board knew my family and told them last year that I should consider doing pageants. I had never actually thought about it, because I just didn’t think I was a pageant girl. I decided to compete in the Miss Warner Robins Pageant last year and had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but I knew that I loved it and wanted to compete again.

What was one fear you had that has now vanish for you when you started pageants? One fear that I had was that people involved with “pageant world” would try to change me and try to make me be “pageant party”. This fear had completely disappeared because I realized that no one can change who you are as long as YOU know who you are.

What’s the best advice you could give a newbie when it comes to interview? When it comes to interview, the most important advice is to answer every question honestly and in a way that is staying true to your beliefs. Don’t try to please the judges by lying about how you really feel about a certain topic; those judges need to see who you really are, and they want someone opinionated.

Out of the pageant world, what is a cool hobby others would find interesting that you do? One of my hobbies is writing songs! I never show anyone my songs but when something comes to me, I love to write it down and try to put piano chords to it!

Favorite food to eat? My favorite food is steak!!

Favorite concert you have attended? My favorite concert is definitely the Carrie Underwood concert I went to with my mom a couple years ago! We had front row seats!

One thing you wished you would have known before you first trip to Miss GA? I actually felt very prepared for Miss GA this year. Although I do wish someone had informed me that it is possible to fall in love with an organization, as I did with the Miss America organization. I absolutely can’t wait to go back next year.

Accomplishments in the pageant world: Since last year was my first year competing I’ve only had one other title besides my current one. I was Miss Presidential Pathways last year! I have won talent in preliminary pageants 4 times and I’ve won swimsuit 2 times. At Miss Georgia I was second runner up and overall talent winner!

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