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Decorate Your Office using Frederic Remington’s Paintings

Everyone usually tries to make their office a place where they are comfortable, but more importantly, where your clients will be comfortable and relaxed. But simultaneously, it should be a place that can inspire and stimulate you, your clients, and your colleagues to be creative.

According to several studies, artworks, especially paintings and drawings, have a great psychological influence on you, your colleagues, and your clients while in your office. In this article, we’ll look at how famous Frederic Remington paintings can enhance the décor in your office.

And for those who think Remington’s paintings will be too expensive, we will provide you with ideas on how to get affordable Frederic Remington art for your office.

Learn more about Remington Artist

Before we discuss why you should have art in your office, let’s first have a brief overview of Frederic Remington’s art features and paintings to give you an idea of why we recommend that you have some of his paintings to decorate your office.

The American artist, Frederic Remington (1861-1909), is famous for his paintings and sculptures of American West cowboys and horses in the late 1800s. He is even sometimes called Frederic Remington the Cowboy. He started his art career as an illustrator and provided illustrations, drawings, and sketches of the American West on a freelance basis to magazines.

After a while, he decided to turn professional and concentrated on creating paintings and sculptures. He started his professional painting career by producing ink and wash drawings in black and white for commercial reproduction. Later he developed his techniques and started to create watercolours and oil paintings. He also began to sell his work at art exhibitions. Although he is mainly known for his paintings, he is also loved by many art critics and art lovers as the sculptor Remington.

In principle, Frederic Remington was inspired by the interaction between a cowboy and his horse. Furthermore, he was intrigued by the simple and humble life of the cowboys. He was also the first American painter who successfully depicted horses in full gallop anatomically correct. One of the important later developments in Frederic Remington’s art was his exploration of painting darkness. At the end of his career, he experimented with the effect of moonlight, campfires, and candlelight and created a whole series of night paintings.

Things to remember when choosing Paintings for your Office

Always remember that whether you are choosing paintings to hang in your home or your office, you have to choose paintings that are meaningful to you. You must also like the paintings on your walls.

Chances are great that if you don’t like the paintings in your office or they don’t mean anything to you, they will also not influence your clients and colleagues.

Interestingly, studies have shown that it doesn’t matter whether you have original art or replica paintings in your home or office – the effect of the artwork stays the same. Let’s now look at some of the most important psychological benefits of having paintings in your office.

Viewing Art can Decrease Stress Levels

One of the ways to de-stress and get control of your thinking processes is to relax in a room with beautiful artwork. So, you can use your office to be a de-stress-hub! It has been scientifically proven that looking at paintings without outside disturbances can normalize blood pressure levels. So, if you take time and relax and enjoy your paintings in your office without any clients or colleagues coming to your office for, say, an hour a day, your stress levels will most probably decrease.

Your clients and other people visiting you in your office will unconsciously also be de-stressed by the paintings in your office. Some of Frederic Remington’s art features, especially the features in his nocturnal paintings, have a very calming effect on viewers of the work.

Remington Artist can Set the Stage to be More Creative and to Think Critically.

As indicated above, paintings can assist with the de-stressing process; they can also help the viewers – in other words, you, your colleagues, and your clients – to form new creative ideas. This is possible because good paintings, such as Remington’s paintings, help the brain to “merge” real and imagined parts of your life.

Remington’s Western paintings are ideal for this. His cowboy and nocturnal paintings succeed in merging the images you see with real life. His paintings also entice you and the visitors to your office to explore the paintings from different perspectives. Everyone in the office probably receives a different “message” when looking at the painting. This is possible because a painting also enhances the brain to develop critical thinking skills. These critical thinking skills help you think rationally and clearly.

Frederic Remington’s Paintings Entice You to Share Opinions

Psychologists have found that paintings enhance positivity and allow your brain to share your opinions with others. So if you choose the right Frederic Remington paintings, you’ll have excellent “conversation starters” on the walls of your office. Usually, talking about the art on your walls – even at the beginning of business meetings or during tea breaks – results in conversations much more than only small talk.

This is because art stimulates both the introspective and extrospective parts of your brain. With these parts of the brain stimulated, your business meeting might also be more positive, and all the people involved in the discussions may be more open to sharing ideas with others.

Where Do You Hang Your Remington Paintings in Your Office?

Look at the reasons we’ve discussed in this article why it is good to have art in your office, and determine why you “need” a Remington painting in your office. The type of “reaction” you need from your clients will determine which type of painting to acquire. You will know whether you want the visitors to your office to be relaxed, motivated, able to share ideas, etc.

If your accommodation space allows it, the ideal is to have a room where relaxed conversations can take place, another room where creativity is the main activity to be addressed, a next room where clients and colleagues have to share ideas, and so forth. You can then place different applicable Remington Western paintings in each room.

You will find lists with the names and images of Remington paintings online, but to help you, we list a few very famous cowboy paintings and a few well-known nocturnal paintings.

Which Remington Paintings Can You Place in your Office?

If you don’t know Frederic Remington’s art, you can find lists and images of his paintings online by checking the virtual art museums’ catalogues. For your convenience, we list a few of his famous paintings:

  • “His Last Stand” was created in 1890. It depicts a cornered bear in the middle of a prairie. Dogs and riflemen have brought the bear down on horseback.
  • “A Dash for the Timber” depicts a group of cowboys riding at full gallop, trying to escape a group of American Indians chasing them on horseback.
  • “Return of the Blackfoot War Party” is one of Remington’s early works, and an art critic of the “New York Herald” commented that Remington would become one of the great American painters.
  • “The Fall of the Cowboy” symbolizes the end of the American West cowboy era. With the painting, he showed his respect for the important symbol of freedom that was disappearing fast in the American West.
  • Nocturnal Paintings – “The Night Herder, “The Hunters’ Supper,” and “On Guard at Night.”

Where Can You Obtain Remington Artist Paintings for Your Office?

Usually, it can be very expensive to obtain an original Frederic Remington, but fortunately, excellent replica art is available at affordable prices. In addition, many reputable online art galleries offer art reproductions done by highly trained and skilled artists. These oil reproductions look exactly like the original. Generally speaking, art gallery reproduction paintings are of a very high standard.

If you have a “mind-block” by thinking that you don’t want copies of artworks on your office’s walls, think of good oil reproductions as original oil paintings. Many art lovers will tell you that they enjoy their reproductions just as much as any original paintings (sometimes called “first paintings”) in their homes and offices.


As it has been scientifically proven that paintings and drawings in your office can have a great psychological influence on you, your colleagues, and your clients, we hope this article entices you to acquire at least one Remington Western painting.

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