Room IdeasHow to Put a Perfect Poker Room in Home for Friends

How to Put a Perfect Poker Room in Home for Friends

Who doesn’t want to have the perfect poker room? We’re talking about comfort, style, and of course, the best possible gaming experience. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create your ideal poker room, you’ve come to the right place.

8 Tips for Putting Together a Poker Room in Home

If you don’t have experience with the points that are of great importance to put together a good poker room, you can see below a list of tips. We will take each of the points that are of great importance including poker cards.

Find the Perfect Place

First of all, you need to consider the place where you are going to set up your poker room. If you have the opportunity to do it at home, choose a room with enough space to accommodate all the players. It is also important that the place is away from noise and distraction.

Choose the Most Suitable Type of Table

When you have chosen the place, it’s time to choose the table and chairs. You can opt for a circular table so that all players are close to each other, or you can choose a rectangular table so that each player has his or her space. The chairs should be comfortable so that the players are relaxed during the game.

Decoration Plays an Important Role

Once you have chosen the table and chairs, you can move on to the decoration. Choose a few items that reflect your style and personality. For example, a rug with a modern design, some nice curtains, or some pictures of poker card illustrations.

Choose a Good Deck of Cards

Although many often think of playing cards as one of the things that are of lesser importance, it can actually be one of the vital points that make a good change. From the materials the cards are created from, to the thickness, design, and colors can help you have a better playing environment.

The thickness is usually an important basis to prevent other players from knowing which cards you have been dealt when illuminated by the light.

The materials make it possible to have a more comfortable way to handle the cards, shuffle and have a smooth texture so that everyone can get to have a good handle and prevent them from falling to the floor because they are so slippery.

Variety of Foods

Have different foods to enjoy the game in an exceptional way. One of the best practices is to ask everyone which fried or junk food they like the most, so you can offer an option for all your friends.

The same is recommended with drinks, considering that not all friends can consume soda, so it is good to have healthier alternatives nearby, so they will not feel that the game experience has to be limited because they can not consume beers or soft drinks with large amounts of sugars and dyes.

Lighting Decoration

Having good lighting avoids many problems with those friends who tend to cheat when playing. Besides having the comfort of having a pleasant environment so that all players can feel comfortable no matter how much time they have spent playing cards.

If the room where you plan to place the table to play does not have good lighting. You can opt for a copper lantern that helps to have better lighting. In addition, I recommend the LED light as one of the cheapest alternatives, easy to install and with great lighting and low power consumption so you do not have to pay a lot of money at the end of the month on the electricity bill.

Offer Different Games

It is normal after certain games or time, friends get bored playing cards, for this, you can offer different game alternatives that help to have a varied night.

You can choose from the most common games such as Chess, Monopoly, Darts, and Carrom. All these options are easy to apply and you don’t have to make a big investment to start having fun with friends.

Cleanliness in the Playing Area

Last but not least, make sure you have the necessary supplies to keep the poker room clean and tidy. Disposable cutlery is a good idea to keep food and drink away from the table. Trash receptacles will also come in handy to keep waste away from the table.


With a little creativity, you can create the perfect poker room. You can mix and match different elements to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all players – and don’t forget to have fun, that’s the most important thing!

Don’t forget to consider a nice space where the little ones don’t have to be close to avoid them listening to the chatter of friends. You can hire a nanny to help you take care of the little ones and take care of them in the right way.


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